Muscle Fibre Types Chart of Characteristics

Muscle Fibre Types: Chart of Characteristics 

By the end of this video, you will understand the three different muscle fibre types, and have a memorable way of organizing the chart of characteristics. There is even a mock question at the end of the video to test your knowledge

This simple acronym and chart has been used with hundreds of learners to help them remember the differences between muscle fibre types on exam day.

To make the most of this video, grab a pen and your notebook. You are going to want to use this acronym again during your exam and when testing your knowledge later on.

Not all muscle fibre types are created equally:

There are three different classifications of muscle fibres, each with different characteristics and different functions

Why do we need to know about muscle fibre types?

As a personal trainer or fitness instructor, your job is to create programmes and compile exercises in a way that will help your client achieve their goal. In order to do this, you need to know that the exercises and time frames you are programming are recruiting the muscle fibres that relate to your client’s goal.

Let’s get started:

Watch the video for a step by step process of how to draw out the muscle fibre types chart of characteristics, using the ONE acronym

Which Type of Muscle Fibres Contain the highest number of mitochondria
A- Type 1
B – Type 2a
C- Type 2b
D- Fast Twitch

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