Becoming a Personal Trainer – Part 3: Choosing the Right PT Course For Me

Welcome to episode 3 of this 4-part series about becoming a personal trainer. We’ll explore how to find the best PT course for you. There are many different PT courses available. It is key for you to pick something that suits your learning style and gives you the outcome that you want.

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Questions about becoming a Personal Trainer – Part 3: Choosing the Right PT Course For Me

Overview of the Four-Part Series – Questions about Becoming a Personal Trainer

  • Episode 1: – Is It For Me? << HERE
  • Episode 2: Exploring Career Paths in the Fitness Industry << HERE
  • Episode 3: Choosing the Right Course < today’s episode
  • Episode 4: Taking Action with Confidence

The Qualification You Need

In Part 2 we looked at the career path and qualifications needed…Which path is best for you, based on what you’d like to do? and who you’d like to work with. Here are a few of the most popular career paths, each linked to the best qualification for that path.

  • If you want to take your career one step at a time and avoid overwhelm… Start with Level 2 Gym as this is the first step for all paths
  • Do you want to teach group circuit classes or boot camps? You’ll still need to start with Level 2 Gym. Then add the Level 2 circuit qualification to understand how to manage groups. You could add the L3 PT course as an extra.
  • Looking to set up your own Fitness business with healthy clients that pass a PARQ? The best route would be to do the Level 2 gym, and Level 3 PT Course. This is often combined into one package, including the things you need to start your business.
  • Want to specialise in working with long-term health conditions? This requires an additional qualification for any client that fails a PARQ or has health conditions. You’ll start with Level 2 Gym and then need to do the Level 3 Diploma in Supporting clients with long-term conditions. You could add the L3 PT course as an extra.

Choosing the best PT course for you…

To sift through the many courses available, you need to ask yourself 4 key questions. Make sure you watch the video training as we expand on these questions in more detail there.

  1. How quickly do you want to qualify?
  2. How do you learn best?
  3. When will you study?
  4. Do you struggle to learn new things? Or generally lack confidence?


Whatever course you choose make sure it is recognised. Although there is no set regulatory body for the fitness industry, you want something that has been checked and operates at a high standard.

Look for accreditation from Ofqual and/or CIMSPA

The two highest recognised awarding bodies from the UK are Active IQ and YMCA Awards

Also, it is worth checking your course provider on Trustpilot to see their reviews and read what learners say about their journey. Here is our Trustpilot account

The parallel Coaching Master Personal Trainer Course

  • No Entry Requirements (16+ years)
  • 1️⃣ Active IQ Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instruction
  • 2️⃣ Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training
  • Plus extra Parallel Coaching Certificates (including Kettlebells, and training in different environments)
  • 9 days of face-to-face attendance in our Milton Keynes Academy.
  • 3 days for L2 Gym & 6 days for L3 PT – on long weekends
  • Homestudy in between – physical manual and online video tutorials with lifetime access
  • Next step Career / Business help
  • 24/7 Student Support

Remember the outcome you wanted

Being Knowledgeable and Confident as a personal trainer starts by making sure your course provider will help and support you.

Although logistics might be tough, don’t rule out face-to-face days. They can add invaluable practical experience, which makes a difference in confidence to work with clients.

Stay Tuned

In our next episode, we’ll explore how action is the antidote to low confidence.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next part of our series!

Feel free to leave your comments and questions below. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue this journey together.

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Qualify as a Personal Trainer

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Personal training is a results business and quite often, the results people achieve can be remarkable. If you feel that you have what it takes to help people to take control of their health, fitness, and well-being, then maybe it’s time for you to step up and join the ranks.

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