Becoming a Personal Trainer – Part 4 Action Vs Confidence

Welcome to episode 4 of this 4-part series about becoming a personal trainer with confidence. A lack of confidence is the primary reason why personal trainers fail to get started in the industry. Today we’ll fix that by exploring how action is the antidote to low confidence and give steps to follow so you can improve your PT confidence immediately.

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Questions about becoming a Personal Trainer – Part 4 Action Vs Confidence

Overview of the Four-Part Series – Questions about Becoming a Personal Trainer

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  • Episode 4: Taking Action with Confidence

Confidence… or lack of

Is often the reason we put a stop to our plans and decisions. It is often used as the biggest reason to delay making a decision to start learning or to delay working with clients.

We often believe that waiting until we feel more confident will be beneficial.

  • Are you making excuses?
  • Stalling?
  • Delaying?
  • Stopping yourself?

You need to know that “feeling confident” relates to one specific event it is not a generic label. For example, you are confident you can tie your shoelaces, but might not feel confident you could train a client. You may feel confident in your own training, but not confident in offering corrective teaching points.

Low confidence often gets used to describe other things…

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of success
  • Lack of experience/ practice
  • A poor history of decisions
  • A belief that you can’t do it/ worth
  • Worries about the future

You don’t need confidence to start Starting gives you confidence

  • Be specific: What specific event/ circumstance do you lack confidence in?
  • Question it: Is that a situation you have been in before? or are you predicting the outcome before you’ve done it?
  • Schedule it: What actions will help you feel more confident in this specific thing? Schedule and Diarise the actions.
  • Practice and Repeat: Keep scheduling and actioning the tasks regardless of how you feel in the moment.

If you lack confidence but want to be a PT..

  1. Consider the options carefully – But set yourself a deadline to decide by
  2. Pick a course with support – Choose an option where you can reach out or ask for help
  3. Make a decision … and stick to it then set a clear plan in place to take regular action
  4. Take action on your studies & be positive – take action even if you feel low on confidence – action is a great antidote to low confidence

Your training course is a great opportunity to grow into the PT you need to be

Your confidence will build in time. The more you challenge yourself in the course journey, the easier it will feel to start with real clients as a PT…

  • Practice with casestudy clients
  • Practice your organisational skills
  • Practice communication
  • Practice believing in yourself
  • and practice being positive

Qualify as a Personal Trainer

This is the fitness industry’s GOLD standard qualification to kick start a career in health and fitness & start training clients 121 and in small groups.

Personal trainers use their expertise on a daily basis to get inside the heads of their clients, design training programs that deliver results, and support life-improving health, fitness, and nutrition changes in their clients’ lives.

Personal training is a results business and quite often, the results people achieve can be remarkable. If you feel that you have what it takes to help people to take control of their health, fitness, and well-being, then maybe it’s time for you to step up and join the ranks.

Get started in your FITPRO career without any misconceptions or hindering beliefs. Find out more about our Level 3 Master Personal Trainer Diploma HERE <<<

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