Understanding Somatotypes: Level 2 Principles Revision

Before you PRESS PLAY and revise somatotypes, remain mindful this subject will appear in your L2 Principles of Exercise exam. To help prepare you to understand the type and pattern in which the questions are going to be asked CLICK HERE to Download your FREE PASS REVISION PACK.

Today's Aims & Objective

💪 To Understand the 3 Somatotypes

💪 To recognise the key difference between each Somatotypes

💪 and Practice L2 Principles Mock Questions

Understanding Somatotypes is key for two reasons.  Firstly you will get 3 to 6 questions about this topic in your level 2 principles of exercise exam. Secondly, once you’re qualified and working with clients, understanding somatotypes and how this affects your goal setting and programming for them.

There are 32 questions in your final level 2 principles of exercise exam [check with your training provider as this can vary slightly]. If you have 3 to 6 questions out of 32… 16% of your exam can be tucked away in today’s video: PRESS PLAY NOW

Plus check your learning with the level 2 principles of exercise mock question below:

75% Complete today's mock questions NOW!

You need to know:


✅ Tall and Slim
✅ Low Body Fat %
✅ Easy to Burn Fat
❌ Hard to Bulk
✅ Type 1 Muscle Fibres
✅ Aerobic & Endurance


✅ Tall and Slim
✅ Longer Torso
✅ Shorter Limbs
❌ Hard to do Endurance
❌ Hard to Lose Fat (especially around waist)
✅ Type 2b Muscle Fibres
✅ Good Power/ Strength
✅ Build Muscle Easily


✅ Wide Shoulders Narrow Waist
✅ Gain Muscle Mass Easily
✅ Athletic
✅ Type 2a Muscle Fibres
✅ Adaptable to new sports
✅ Happy Medium

Now Test Yourself:

3x Nervous System Level 2 Principles of Exercise Mock Questions below:

[NOTE: The answers are below the 3rd questions]

QUESTIONS 1: What characteristics are typical of an endomorph?

A = Wide shoulder narrow waist
B = Predominantly Type 2b muscle Fibres
C = Predominantly Type 1 muscle Fibres
D = Low Body Fat



QUESTIONS 2: What characteristics do mesomorphic body types tend to have?

A. Lean with low muscle mass

B. Muscular with broad shoulders

C. Predisposed to fat storage

D. Rounder in appearance

QUESTION 3: Ectomorphs are well suited to which type of physical activity?

A. Heavy weight training

B. Long distance running

C. The shot put

D. Sprinting

Answers to the mock questions are :

Question 1= B, Question 2 = B, Question 3 = B


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