Understanding Somatotypes: Level 2 Principles Revision

If you are chest-high in Level 2 Principles Revision, here’s a quick way to simplify somatotypes and also test your knowledge.

Understanding Somatotypes is foundational for understanding the individual requirements that each client has when programming to achieve a goal.

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There are three Somatotypes:


✅ Tall and Slim
✅ Low Body Fat %
✅ Easy to Burn Fat
❌ Hard to Bulk
✅ Type 1 Muscle Fibres
✅ Aerobic & Endurance


✅ Tall and Slim
✅ Longer Torso
✅ Shorter Limbs
❌ Hard to do Endurance
❌ Hard to Lose Fat (especially around waist)
✅ Type 2b Muscle Fibres
✅ Good Power/ Strength
✅ Build Muscle Easily


✅ Wide Shoulders Narrow Waist
✅ Gain Muscle Mass Easily
✅ Athletic
✅ Type 2a Muscle Fibres
✅ Adaptable to new sports
✅ Happy Medium

Now you know everything about the three somatotypes, let’s test your knowledge:

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What characteristics are typical of an endomorph?
A = Wide shoulder narrow waist
B = Predominantly Type 2b muscle Fibres
C = Predominantly Type 1 muscle Fibres
D = Low Body Fat

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Although we need to know the somatotypes for Level 2 Principles Revision, there is a big myth about dieting and training according to body type or somatotype. this video de-myths somatotypes really well… https://youtu.be/ZdpKEUgFuTw

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