FitPro Sessions Episode 008 Revision Dividing the body into Planes of Motion

FitPro Sessions Podcast Episode 008 Revision – Dividing the Body Into Planes of Motion

Episode 008 Revision – Dividing the Body Into Planes of Motion

Here’s what we talked about on today’s FitPro Sessions Podcast

Today’s podcast episode is our second revision Fit Pro session where Neale and I explore the three planes of motion; sagittal, frontal and transverse planes. 

We explain why so many trainees Fit Pros find it difficult to learn and remember the planes of motion as well as discuss why you need to know about planes of motion for more than just your anatomy exam, but also for planning and training clients. 

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FitPro Sessions Episode 008 Revision - Dividing the Body into Planes of Motion

Grab the FitPro Sessions Podcast show notes:


1:00 Our most popular YouTube Video is all about Planes of motion
2:00 What are the planes of motion? 2D vs 3D
2:50 Using all three planes in daily life
4:00 Overuse, Underuse and Misuse as a cause of injury
5:00 Running in a sagittal plane
6:00 Creating training plans for your clients that are Planes of Motion biased.
7:30 Understanding functional opposites for Agonist and Antagonist Superset
9:50 Remembering supersets using Vertical and Horizontal push/pull
11:00 Joint Actions and Planes of Motion
13:00 Choosing exercises relevant to your client’s goal or sport
13:50 Why do Fitness Professionals need to know Planes of Motion?
14:20 Observing the client
15:30 The Anatomy and Physiology exam at Level 2 and Level 3 and download Mock Questions
16:30 Why do Fit Pros find it hard to learn Planes of Motion
17:00 “Repetition is the mother of all skill”
19:00 Learning Point to remember the 3 Planes of Motion
22:30 Learn more about Planes of Motion in these blogs:
What are the 3 Anatomical Planes of Movement
What is the difference between Axis of Movement and Planes of Movement
23:00 Leave a review
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23:50 Start of the Revision Power Hour

The Revision Power Hour Cheat Sheet:

The 3 Planes of motion

1: The sagittal plane

The sagittal plane divides the body into left and right.

Movements that occur in the sagittal plane are flexion, extension, and hyper-extension.

This includes exercises such as biceps curl, leg press of abdominal crunches.

2: The frontal plane

The frontal plane divides our body into front and back. The anatomical term for the front portion is anterior and the back portion is posterior.

Movements that occur in the frontal plane are adduction and abduction.

This includes exercises such as ‘jumping jacks’ or dumbbell lateral raises.

3: The transverse plane

The transverse plane runs through the body at waist level parallel to the ground and separates the body into top and bottom.

Rotational movement occurs within this plane. This includes exercises such as trunk rotations or head rotations.

Horizontal flexion/ extension also occurs in the transverse plane, for example when performing lying dumbbell flys.

Anatomical Planes of Movement Mock Questions

Test your knowledge by answering these three mock questions: answers are at the bottom of the blog.

Q1: Which of the following exercises are performed in the transverse plane of motion
A. Bicep Curl
B. Russian Twist
C. Lateral Raise
D. Lat Pull Down

Q2: Which of the following exercises is the functional opposite of a Lat Pull Down exercise, and moves in the same plane of motion?
A. Shoulder Press Machine
B. Chest Press Machine
C. Press Up
D. Leg Press

Q3: Which joint action can occur in the sagittal plane?
A. Flexion
B. Lateral Flexion
C. Adduction
D. Internal Rotation

Test your knowledge, by reading the answers below.

Download More Mock Questions for FREE just link these by clicking this link: MOCK QUESTIONS


Q1 = B
Q2 = A
Q3 = A

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