Episode 007 FitPro Sessions Dr Rory McGill Holistic Doctor

FitPro Sessions Podcast Episode 007 With Rory McGill Holistic Doctor – A rope across the chasm

FitPro Sessions Podcast Episode 007 With Rory McGill Holistic Doctor – A rope across the chasm

Today’s podcast episode Neale interviews Dr. Rory McGill, A holistic Doctor based in Plymouth that left his career as an NHS GP to help clients and patients in a totally different way, without the use of medication.

Here’s what we talked about on today’s FitPro Sessions Podcast

Health care, career change, behaviour change, meditation, mindset and coaching clients

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FitPro Sessions Podcast Episode 007 With Rory McGill Holistic Doctor - A rope across the chasm

Grab the FitPro Sessions Podcast show notes:


1:00 Intro to Dr Rory McGill
1:20 Liaising with GPs as an Exercise Referral Instructor
2:15 Who is Dr Rory McGill – Plymouth Holistic Doctor
3:15 What is the main obsession within Plymouth Holistic Doctor
6:00 The importance of asking good questions in coaching
6:40 A typical day with Dr Rory McGill
8:30 “You can solve 80% of the problem with 20% of change”
10:30 Meditation and Mindset as a practice
11:20 How do you overide old habits with clients?
11.30 “I’m a salesman” – being a salesman for new habits in clients
14:45 The world of immediate gratification
16:00 Holistic advice for stress and anxiety
17:00 Creating an imaginary experience and visualization to change feelings instantly
20:35 What do you do as a Holistic Doctor
25:40 What made you chose to leave the Navy and become a GP
30:00 Life as a GP
31:20 Making the career change to go freelance
33:40 “Can I afford to… what if I set up shop and nobody comes”
35:40 Making a decision is key
36:58 Importance, Willingness and Commitment Scale
39:00 Changing career and financial pressure
44:00 Rope Bridge across the Casm
45:00 The power of a story
47:30 Mindfulness tasks that can be implemented by anyone including FitPros
48:40 Where do the inspirational stories come from?
50:20 “Motion creates Emotion”
51:25 The first step is to change your step, in order to change your physiology
54:30 Implementing mindset practices
57:00 What the client wants vs what they need
1:00:00 We know what to do, but dont do what we know
1:03:00 What qualifications did you pick up in order to do what you do?
1:05:00 The importance of continually learning every day
1:10:00 Pushing the comfort zone
1:11:00 SAID principle and the need for a stressor in order to adapt
1:14:00 How do you see healthcare and fitness evolving over the next 10 years
1:16:00 Making connections between Fit Pros and GPs
1:19:00 Having one specific type of client to work with
1:21:00 Learner Question: How to offer help with clients that have Crones Disease
1:27:00 Learner Question: How to link with GPs when specializing in mental health
1:31:00 What 3 Tips would you give someone who wants to start out as a coach?
1:33:00 What makes an Outstanding Coach?
1:35:00 Thank you Dr Rory McGill

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