FitPro Sessions Episode 009 Get out of your comfort zone with Charlie Wardle the mountain coach

FitPro Sessions Episode 009 -Get out of your comfort zone with Charlie Wardle the Mountain Coach

FitPro Sessions Episode 009 -Get out of your comfort zone with Charlie Wardle the Mountain Coach

Here’s what we talked about on today’s FitPro Sessions Podcast

In today’s podcast episode Neale Interviews Charlie Wardle, The Mountain coach, so stay tunes as they chat about mindset, positivity, fear, leading groups and career change

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1:00 Intro to Charlie Wardle, The Mountain Coach
2:20 Who is Charlie Wardle?
4:00 Behind the scenes
5:00 What’s your favourite Mountain range?
7:20 Different weather gives a different experience
9:30 Taking a career change from Accountancy to becoming The Mountain Coach
10:50 “Using the physical activity to help mental health”
13:50 “Trying to earn lots of money… wasn’t the answer to happiness”
15:30 “Most people don’t think of their health until it goes wrong”
16:50 Its about who you become during the adventure
19:20 10x more mental health benefits from training outdoor in woodland or near water
20:00 In order to adapt you need a harder, or different stress on the body
22:40 “It’s all about mindset”
24:20 “I think its the best thing I’ve ever done in my life”
25:00 Mountain Parallels – applying lessons from the mountain to business, life and self-improvement
27:50 Not feeling confident when you are new to training clients – the value of experience
29:00 There’s no quick fix and doing the work daily
32:00 Why do you think people stop their commitments and drop out of new goals?
37:40 Not taking the easiest option and choosing a career change
40:00 You get out what you put in
46:00 Using exercise to escape stress, anxiety and depression
47:00 “Most people have more choices than they think”
47:40 “There isn’t any such thing as a perfect life”
48:00 Advice on taking a career change or making a big decision
49:00 What qualifications did you need to do as part of your career change?
51:30 Showing up fast on Social Media
52:00 How to show up and start on social media and marketing
53:00 Posting on social media as a daily habit to see what is working
54:00 Being Savvy on your marketing and advertising – consistent and fair
56:00 The first trip as the Mountain Coach
59:44 Advice for FitPros about how to control a group in different environments
1:03:00 The power of repetition and reinforcing the same message
1:07:00 Nothing is ever perfect, you wont always please everyone
1:09:00 Listen to feedback and improve yourself, but have confidence in yourself
1:11:00 Learner Question: How to add variety to a walking group?
1:14:00 Learner Question: How do you work with client fears?
1:20:00 Learner Question: How do you know prearranged groups will work/ sell?
1:26:00 What three 3 tips would you give to someone that wants to start out in coaching?
1:30:00 What’s your definition of an outstanding coach?
1:31:00 How to contact Charlie Wardle, The Mountain Coach

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