Duty of Care for Each Special Population Group: Level 2 Fitness Worksheet Simplified

The most confusing Level 2 Fitness Worksheet… simplified.

When I hear from a learner “my worksheets are going fine, I’m just stuck on one question”… I know it will be this question!!!

I must have heard this over 100 times, so I’m sure there are more of you that need help with this specific question.

The question…
“Give one example of duty of care for each special population group”

Phew! what does that even mean?

In this video, I explain everything you need to know about what the question means, why you need to know this, and what you need to know to pass this worksheet question.

There are 3 key learning points:

1. Duty of Care.

Duty of care is referring to the action that you need to make to ensure you are taking responsibility for the care for special population clients

2. Limitations of a fitness professional.

This refers to what you can and cannot do as a level 2 instructor when you don’t have any additional specialist qualifications.

3. The mark scheme.

Make sure you offer the right amount of information to fulfill the marks required.

This video outlines everything you need to complete this worksheet question, using the Active IQ Level 2 Fitness Instructor LAP.

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