5 Social Media Strategies For Fitness Professionals

This blog is a FB live replay with 5 Social Media Strategies For Fitness Professionals to help you kickstart your social media without disappointment or overwhelm.

In this video, you’ll discover:

  • How to overcome your fear of posting on social media
  • Five strategies to cut through the confusion and get you started
  • How being consistent and adding value is key – plus a bonus link to another video tutorial and free social media template

Watch 5 Social Media Strategies For Fitness Professionals:

5 Social Media Strategies For Fitness Professionals


1:00 Do you struggle with ideas to post on social media? comment below
2:00 Strategy 1 The Consistent Snowball: regardless of your thoughts and feelings about the post
6:20 Strategy 2 Value the Process: it’s about who you become along the way, and playing to your strengths
9:30 Strategy 3 Show Up as You: Being “yourself” online is key, as you want to build a client base that know, like and trust you. Let your personality out
10:30 Strategy 4 The Pearl Necklace: having a gold thread throughout your content that focuses the content of your social media
16:50 Strategy 5 The 4/4/2 Method: Don’t fatigue your audience by pitching all the time.
21:00 Build your Holy Grail for Social Media: 40 MIN video tutorial

5 Social Media Strategies For Fitness Professionals

Strategy 1 The Consistent Snowball:

Consistency is Key. Regardless of what else is happening in your world or the obstacles that you may come across you want to commit to being consistent.

Avoid judging the success of a post on how many people liked it, instead focus on the bigger picture of your consistent posting. Don’t allow your negative thoughts and feelings about posting affect the action that you take.

Using this FREE template, plan your month of social media posts, and then do them for that week as planned before analysing how effective the posts were.

Strategy 2 Value the Process:

There is a hidden benefit of posting on social media regularly. It is not just about the audience you build, or the leads you get, or even the sales you make.

It is also about the creative process and recognizing that you will learn an infinite amount about yourself, develop your creative skills, and learn a lot about your clients along the way.

Strategy 3 Show Up as You:

It is great to take inspiration from others, but make sure you show up as YOU, rather than mimicking other people or wearing a mask.

When someone shows up unapologetically them, they show vulnerabilities that make them real and relatable. The more you allow yourself to be you, the more you will build a tribe that you love.

Strategy 4 The Pearl Necklace:

The pearl necklace analogy explains how you will focus one specific client or problem/goal, throughout all of your content, but offer different social media posts around the same subject.

This keeps your content focused and allows new leads to see that they are in the right place.

Strategy 5 The 4/4/2 Method:

Don’t pitch on every post! Out of every 10 posts you do, have 4 posts that are educational, 4 posts that are fun, 2 posts that pitch (one soft one hard).

This builds an experience for your clients and potential leads that they want to be part of, rather than feeling hassled to buy all the time

Plan these posts in advance and get your social media locked down. Click the blog link below to download a free template and 40 min video training to help you plan all of your social media in advance

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