How To Lock Down Your Social Media Free Template For FitPros

How To Lock Down Your Social Media: Free Template For FitPros

In this Masterclass recording, you are going to learn how to lock down your social media even if you don’t know what to post when to post or have enough time.

You’ll discover:

  • Why this masterclass is for Fitness Professionals that struggle
  • The biggest problems FitPros face when managing their Social Media
  • That relying on guesswork and hope doesn’t work
  • How to plan an entire month  of posts, content & campaigns
  • 5 Principles to Dominate Your Social Media
  • A Free template: Holy Grail For Social Media
  • Being Realistic and Consistent

We have helped thousands of FitPros kickstart their new fitness career with confidence, which includes battling the fears associated with “putting yourself out there”

With the correct system and the right structure you can take control of your social media posting, even if you have no idea where to start or are low on time

Watch the full masterclass below:

How To Lock Down Your Social Media: Free Template For FitPros

The common Social Media problems:

If you are struggling with managing your social media, then you will have come across at least one of the following problems:

  • Don’t know what to post?
  • When to post?
  • How to post?
  • Question whether it works?
  • Asking if it is worth it?
  • You are Spending time IN their Business VS ON YOUR Business

5 Principles to Dominate Social Media:

  1. Start with the end in mind – goals
  2. Map out your month and get clear on your data
  3. Building “KNOW LIKE AND TRUST” – using type of content
  4. Breaking down barriers – Internal | External | Vehicle
  5. Building your campaign to suit your life

Download Your Free Template to Manage Social Media As a FitPro:

The masterclass training above shows you exactly how to use our free template called the Social Media Holy Grail

You can download the Holy Grail Social Media Template as a PDF by clicking the button below:

If you want to grab the Word version of this, that allows you to adjust the day/ dates on your calendar with ease.

Then you can download this, alongside 34 other documents and templates to get you started as a FitPro inside our FitPro Startup Kit.

This is All The Documents & Forms You Need To  Set Up & Start Training Clients Immediately 

(Without The Hassle Of Creating Them From Scratch)

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