What makes an outstanding personal trainer - Top 5 Traits

What makes an outstanding personal trainer – Top 5 Traits

What makes an outstanding personal trainer? The Top 5 Run Down

Find out the top 5 traits needed to be an outstanding Personal Trainer… how many of these do you have?

It is safe to assume that there are hundreds, probably thousands of different traits and characteristics that Personal Trainer’s might have…

but it’s clear to see that some Personal Trainers are more outstanding than others…

so what are the top 5 traits that makes an OUTSTANDING Personal trainer… not average… outstanding!

Let’s rundown; Top of the Pops Style (well, Top of the PTs I suppose)

What makes an outstanding personal trainer – Top 5 Traits

No 5: Serve Like Royalty

Think back to a time you bought a product or a holiday where the people delivering that service absolutely over delivered. It makes you feel like Royalty.

And the same applies for Personal Trainers – if you treat your clients like Royalty, make them feel special, exceed their expectations and give them everything you can to help them… then they will feel like Royalty.

If they feel like Royalty with you, they will never go back to anyone else and they will be raving fans, referring more clients your way.

To treat them like Royalty, you need to consider the end goal as being the most important thing, including Nutrition advice, programming specifically for the physiological changes you want to see and providing support throughout their journey.

This trait is certainly one you wouldn’t find in an article titled “what makes a good personal trainer”, because good and outstanding are totally different. Like the difference between a buffet dinner and Silver Service dinner.

No 4: Analytical and questioning

There are three parts to this characteristic.

Firstly you need to be analytical and questioning over your own performance, continually reviewing and evaluating ever session and every type of communication you do. This will help you make changes and improve every time, which will compound… and before you know it you’ll genuinely be outstanding at what you do.

The second part is being analytical of your client’s behaviors. Which really means, understanding their deeper reasons rather than just their surface level excuses. It means listening to them and looking for trends in their actions and behaviors. This will help you find their “weak” spots and their strengths, so you can support them accordingly.

The Final part is analytical of technique and posture – this makes the work you do ion the Gym floor one hundred percent beneficial. Not only will your client benefit from the best technique they can, but you will pick up on compensations that can help them improve overall… and the attention you are giving your client WILL be noticed on the Gym Floor.

No 3: Heart

Caring about your client is golden! Having heart doesn’t mean bursting into tears at their sob-story or staying up all night with their problems, it means “caring” about the welfare of your client and caring about their journey and their results.

Having the reputation of a Trainer that cares, is a game changer.

But you can only care about all of your clients if you genuinely care about them and like them.

So, you need to get used to saying NO – say no to the clients you don’t want to work with, the ones that are a drain on your time or make you feel “unbothered”. By working with just the clients you want to work with, you are able to dedicate time and energy to really care for them.

No 2: All about the goal

Battling it out for the top spot is “Being Goal Focused”

As a Personal Trainer, you are paid to get a result and/or achieve a goal. In order for this to happen you need to guide your client to take the necessary action… in all areas to get the goal. This is combined with No. 5 (Serve like Royalty) whereby you do all you can to get the goal… and the goal becomes the main reason for programming a set exercise or training system.

This is a very different approach compared to “good” Personal Trainers that choose their exercises according to the latest trendy exercise, or new bit of equipment in the gym.

Everything has a reason, from Nutrition advice to frequency of sessions, types of training and motivational support… and the reason is the goal.

No 1: Learn for Life

The crux of all of the above traits … is knowledge.

Some of the most outstanding Personal trainers I have worked with or spoken to, have all said continuing to learn is the reason they are successful.

The more you Learn, the more you Earn!

As a Personal Trainer, you need to keep learning. The knowledge you learned during training is great, but it isn’t everything. So you need to expand on what you have learned to specialize your understanding of how to achieve goals and get results. You may choose to read books and articles, enroll on courses or work towards new qualifications.

It has also been proven that those that continually learn and grow in their work, enjoy their job more; whereas those that stagnate end up resenting their work, Which are you? Are you using the same programming methods, are you guessing, are you copying others … or are you learning and growing?

As well as topping up new knowledge, it’s really important to refresh the knowledge you learned whilst training. I dont know about you, but I can barely remember what I had for dinner 5 nights ago, let alone the content of training lectures 5 years ago… so keep finding new ways to top up and refresh your knowledge throughout your PT career.

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