Weights Vs Group Classes For Stressed and Anxious Clients

Weights Vs Group Classes For Stressed and Anxious Clients

In today’s podcast episode, we answer one of your questions and discuss weights vs group classes for stressed and anxious clients.

We discussed how exercise is often used as escapism and that when a client starts to add new exercise stimulus to their week, they may be looking for something extra.

This lead down a path to explore how you can attend to the changing needs of your client, and adapt to new goals, preferences and interests that arise throughout your programme.

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Watch: Weights Vs Group Classes For Stressed and Anxious Clients

Video Timestamps:

0:00 Intro to season 9 episode 4
04:00 Aesthetic performance goal with anxious clients
06:30 What is the client missing?
08:00 Exercise as escapism
10:00 Health is the foundation of Health and Fitness
14:00 Referring to other FITPROs
15:00 Consultation and check-ins
19:00 FITT Principle for results
23:00 Tipping the scales on a goal with 168 hours
28:00 Your Invitation
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If you’d like to be a guest on our FITPRO Sessions Podcast, or have a specific topic request…
message us here:  m.me/ParallelCoaching 

Exercise as escapism

Exercise is a stressor on our bodies, just like food, drink, lack of sleep and psychological stressors.

The word “escapism” is often used when talking about exercise, as it provides a means to forget about other issues in your world and “switch off” or switch the focus to something entirely different.

Exercise is sometimes used as escapism to avoid dealing with problems in life or at work. It can be seen as avoiding responsibilities that need attention rather than addressing them head-on.

If you notice your client is training MORE than you have programmed and starting to add additional exercise classes, it may be a sign that they are using exercise as escapism and avoiding an issue elsewhere.

Take a moment to sit and chat with your client, and allow them to start dealing with issues they are facing, which may help alleviate a need to escape via doing more exercise than they need to.

Health is the foundation of Health and Fitness 

A client may have a Fitness or aesthetic performance goal but if they haven’t first built a foundation of good health, then they will likely struggle to get the results they really desire

Health is not just about weight loss but also mental health and emotional stability.

For someone who is struggling with anxiety, performance and aesthetic goals can sometimes make it worse because they are managing tiny variables of progression, and need consistent adherence to a larger volume of training. This coupled with in-depth nutrition tracking may add heavily to clients existing stress and anxiety.

The solution could be to put the performance and aesthetic goals on the shelf until a good base of mental health and consistency has been achieved. Then later you can progress towards further goals.

However, you would only know what the client wants and needs if you do consultation and check-in regularly with their progress and barriers.

Consultation and check-ins

As a coach and a FITPRO, one of your first priorities with any client should be to complete a consultation. Here you will find out what the client is looking for, their goals and what they are willing to do in order to achieve them. This will help you get a sense of the client’s values, barriers and health status.

Using all of this data you can create a plan that is best for your client.

However, a consultation is not just appropriate at the beginning of a client’s journey; a re-consultation or client check-in is invaluable. This could be as simple as a coffee chat, whereby you can ask big open questions and empathetically listen to the client’s answers.

This would be perfect if your client is starting to go “off-plan” or if you notice they are behaving differently. It allows you to reconnect, and remove any assumptions about the client. You can then get focused and re-address your exercise plans and nutritional and behavioural change support.

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