Types of Joints: Mnemonic to remember the 6 types of joints

Types of Joints: Mnemonic to remember the 6 types of joints

Learning and Revising the types of joints and key facts about joints can be overwhelming. This quick video will show you a bullet-proof mind map to help you remember these for your Level 2 or Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology exam.

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Types of Joints: Mnemonic to remember the 6 types of joints

A good Mindmap includes images, mnemonics, bullet points and quick summaries

Memory Hack 1: Bullet Points:

There are 3 types of joints:

Memory Hack 2: Mnemonics and Acronyms

There are 6 types of Synovial Joints… use this mnemonic to help remember…

S = Synovial = Saddle
C = Connections = Condyloid
P = Pained = Pivot
H = Her = Hinge
B = Brain = Ball and Socket
G = Guaranteed = Gliding

Memory Hack 3: Quick Summaries

Ligaments = Attach bone to bone and Stabilise the joint

Muscles = Cross the joint and allow movement

Memory Hack 4: Use Diagrams and Alliteration

Add a few examples of joint actions and make them easy to remember with alliteration and images

F= Flexion = Foetal position

E = Extension = Elongated (standing in neutral)

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