The Silent Cardio Killers: A Rise of cardiovascular conditions

This episode is a deep dive into the rise of cardiovascular conditions and the impact on you as a Health and Fitness Professional. Stay tuned as we focus on Hypertension and Hypercholesterolemia, which are the two biggest silent cardio killers.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • the rise of cardiovascular conditions
  • why clients are at a higher risk with undiagnosed cardiovascular conditions
  • the importance of screening and assessing client readiness to exercise

Watch S4E2: The Silent Cardio Killers: A Rise of cardiovascular conditions

S4E2 The Silent Cardio Killers the rise of cardiovascular conditions


0:30 Welcome to S4E2 of FitpRo Sessions Podcast: The rise of cardiovascular conditions
2:00 The Silent Cardio Killers causing heart attacks and strokes
5:00 Asymptomatic cardiovascular conditions require screening and measurement
11:00 What is hypertension? and what is normal blood pressure?
13:00 Blood Pressure increases during exercise
22:40 Side effects and co-morbidities of medication for cardiovascular conditions
24:00 Prevalence of hypertension in the UK: 12.5 million diagnosed
27:00 What is hypercholesterolemia – and how many are diagnosed with raised cholesterol levels
29:30 The hereditary line of hypercholesterolemia
31:00 What is the difference between HDLs and LDLs: are they really good and bad?
37:00 Activity and lifestyle changes versus medication
40:00 The snowball effect of a sedentary lifestyle
43:00 Putting the HEALTH back into health and fitness professionals
46:00 What is your big takeaway, Message us … Or Comment Below

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