The level 3 anatomy mock question most people get wrong- Axis of Movement

The level 3 anatomy mock question most people get wrong [Axis of Movement]

There is one particular type of level 3 anatomy mock question, that is much harder than the others, so here’s a heads up on the HARDEST question you are likely to get in your Level 3 anatomy exam.

I put a level 3 anatomy mock question on social media yesterday…

And most answers were wrong…

And yours probably would have been too!

This question is difficult because of several reasons:

  1. Axis of movement is a damn hard topic to get your head around
  2. It assumes you know the difference between planes of motion and axis of motion
  3. You need to know what a lateral raise is
  4. The potential answers can persuade you to a totally different answer

The Level 3 anatomy mock question most people get wrong…

In which axis of movement does a lateral raise occur?
A) Anterior-Posterior
B) Medial-Lateral
C) Frontal
D) Longitudinal

Mmmm, not an easy one!

Pop your answers below in the comments box – what do you think the answer is?

Watch: The level 3 anatomy mock question most people get wrong [Axis of Movement]

[Axis of Movement] The level 3 anatomy mock question most people get wrong

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Test Your Knowledge

Use the following three mock questions to test your knowledge on Axis of Movement and then check the answers after the final question:

1. Which of the following is NOT an Axis of Movement?

A – Frontal
B – Medial-Lateral
C – Anterior-Posterior
D – Longitudinal

2. Hip Flexion is performed around which Axis of Movement?

A – Sagittal
B – Anterior-Posterior
C – Medial- Lateral
D – Transverse

3. Which joint action would occur in the Longitudinal Axis?

A – Plantarflexion of the ankle
B – Adduction of the shoulder
C – Extension of the hip
D – Internal Rotation of the femur


1 = A
2 = C
3 = D

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