Stop Comparing Yourself To Other FITPROs

It’s so easy to fall into the comparison game, and it can be a vicious cycle, Today’s blog will show that the moment you Stop Comparing Yourself To Other FITPROs is the moment you can focus on your own success.

Comparison appears in many guises, we might compare ourselves to others who are bigger fish, which makes us feel small and inferior,

or believe that everyone else is perfect, and everything we do is wrong in comparison.

The comparison is the thief of our joy and makes us feel frustrated about where we are now compared to where others seem to be.

This is one of the reasons why many people end up quitting their fitness journey because they’re comparing themselves constantly with someone else instead of celebrating what they’ve accomplished in their own lane as fitpros.

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Comparing to the Big Fish:

We’re all in different fish tanks, and we are all different-sized fish.

It’s natural to compare ourselves to other people, but it takes a toll on our mental health and we should stop comparing ourselves to the big fish in different tanks.

You might see the BIG fish as successful, just because he is bigger than you,

The BIG FISH might not have a perfect life, business, or exam results.

Size doesn’t mean success,

and having fewer followers or making less money than others in your industry doesn’t mean that you are incorrect or inferior.

Instead of comparing ourselves to another person, compare what you’ve done with your own life journey so far and celebrate those accomplishments.

The other FITPRO may be on their day 1,000 and if you are on your day 10 of being a FITPRO, they will have different levels of experience, different achievements, and different problems.

Comparing one Malteser to another:

Comparison is a fruitless and pointless exercise.

Imagine for a moment that you are a Malteser, keenly aware of your own flaws. You know that you have a biscuit on the inside that is crumbly,

you know you have self-doubts, you know your failings, your challenges, and weaknesses

But when you look at other people, they just look like smooth silky chocolate.

You might make the assumption that their chocolate runs right through,

however, they are Maltesers just like you

They have the same flaws, they struggle with their own crumbliness too.

It is easy to see them as perfect and flawless because you are comparing yourself to them – but it’s not accurate, or fair. They might be struggling in a different way than you do.

Comparison is the thief of all joy

Comparison is the thief of all joy, so let’s celebrate what we have in our own lane as FITPROs.

If you spend time and effort looking at what others are doing, you’ll never see your own progress

Stay in your lane as FITPRO and spend more time focusing on our own journey, strengths and achievements!

No one can be a better version of you-you are the best possible version of yourself.

So stop comparing yourself to other people, and stay in your own lane as FITPRO

You don’t need someone else’s approval or validation to be worthy enough, because all that matters is what you think about yourself.

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