Level 2 Gym Instructor Mock Exam Revision – Principles

 Level 2 Gym Instructor Mock Exam Revision

Principles of Exercise Fitness and Health

This Level 2 Gym Instructor Mock Exam is provided by Parallel Coaching as a FREE resource for anyone working towards a Level 2 Fitness Instructor Qualification.

Below you will find 7 mock questions, checking your knowledge and understanding the Principles of Exercise Fitness and Health Unit

First Read the relevant section in your manual or using our Revision Mastery Series, and then work through the following 7 mock questions. Do this under exam conditions. i.e. with no assistance from your book. This will highlight your strengths and weaknesses within the circulatory and respiratory system.  If you can answer these questions, the likelihood is – you’ll breeze through your exam – check your answers at the bottom of the page – GOOD LUCK!

 Level 2 Gym Instructor Mock Exam Revision – Principles of Exercise Fitness and Health 


1. What is Blood Pooling?

2. Looking at the table below highlight which are true and which are false (click  to enlarge)adaptations to exercise table questions Level 2 Gym Instructor Mock Exam


3. DOMS stands for D__________ O_____________ M____________ S_____________, and typically lasts __________ hours


Weight-bearing exercise is essential to reduce the risk of:
A Osteoporosis
B Depression
C Type 1 diabetes
D Osteoarthritis

5. What are the 5 components of health related fitness:


M_______________      _____________

M_______________      _____________


B__________ _______________

6. What are the 6 components of skill-related fitness:





E_______________ or B ____________

R_______________      T_____________


7. Which of these Somatotypes is an Ectomorph?

somatotype Level 2 Gym Instructor Mock Exam

↓↓↓  See your answers below  ↓↓↓

Now you have completed all 7 questions, check your answers below and if you are looking for more chances to test your knowledge, you can download another 50 mock questions using the link below…



    1. Blood pooling is caused by a sudden drop in blood pressure, it is characterised by the client feeling light-headed and dizzy. Due to low blood pressure the blood struggles to get back up to the brain (poor venous return) and literally "pools" in the feet. this can be caused by stopping suddenly after a period of moderate - heavy exercise or just standing still for a long period of time. A gradual cool down will prevent blood pooling.
    2. adaptations to exercise table - answers Level 2 Gym Instructor Mock Exam
    3. DOMS stands for Delayed Onset muscle Soreness , and typically lasts 12- 72 hours
    4. A - Osteoporosis
    5. The 5 components of health related fitness are:   Cardiovascular, Muscular strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility , Body composition
    6. The 6 components of skill related fitness are: Speed, Power, Agility, Coordination, Equilibrium/ Balance, and Reaction Time (use the acronym SPACER to help you remember)
    7.  C - Ectomorphs are naturally thin with little body fat or muscle mass.

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