Level 2 Gym Instructor Mock Exam Revision – Principles

This blog includes SEVEN Level 2 Gym Instructor Mock Exam Questions with answers and explanations, so you can be prepared for your upcoming Principles of Exercise exam.


  • How many questions you will have in your exam
  • How to use the below principles of exercise mock questions
  • 7 x Level 2 Gym Instructor Mock Exam Questions and answers
  • How to learn with simplicity using our Level 2 Principles of Exercise Revision Mastery Bootcamp

How many questions will be in my Level 3 Nutrition exam?

The number of questions varies per awarding body and training provider. However, usually there are approximately 40 questions and 90 minutes to answer these.

They are all Multiple Choice questions, like those provided below

The 40 questions are split into 6 modules of content, so you can expect 6-7 questions on each topic.

How to use these mock questions:

First Read the relevant section in your manual or use our Revision Mastery Bootcamp, and then work through the following 7 mock questions.

Do this under exam conditions. i.e. with no assistance from your book.

This will highlight your strengths, weaknesses and trends within the Level 2 Principles of Exercise exam.

We have created these questions by looking at past and live questions from all major awarding bodies including YMCA, Active IQ and VTCT. This means the exam questions are similar to those you can expect on exam day.

Check your answers at the bottom of the page and then look for any trends:

  • What questions did you get wrong?
  • Was this because of a lack of knowledge or complex question-wording?
  • What questions did you get correct?
  • Was this because you understood the knowledge or it was easy question-wording?
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L2 Principles of Exercise Revision Mastery Bootcamp

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Level 2 Gym Instructor Mock Exam Revision – Principles of Exercise Fitness and Health 

1. What is Blood Pooling?
A. Improved venous return to the brain
B. Poor venous return to the brain
C. Too much blood in the body
D. A long term adaptation to regular exercise

2. Which of the following is a long term adaptation to regular aerobic exercise?
A. Decreased Stroke Volume
B. Systolic Blood Pressure Increases
C. Increased Cardiac Output
D. Reduced Capillarisation in the Muscle

3. DOMS stands for D__________ O_____________ M____________ S_____________, and typically lasts __________ hours

4. Weight-bearing exercise is essential to reduce the risk of:
A. Osteoporosis
B. Depression
C. Type 1 Diabetes
D. Osteoarthritis

5. What are the 5 components of health related fitness:


M_______________      _____________

M_______________      _____________


B__________ _______________

6. What are the 6 components of skill-related fitness:





E_______________ or B ____________

R_______________      T_____________

7. Which of these Somatotypes is an Ectomorph?

somatotype Level 2 Gym Instructor Mock Exam

↓↓↓  See your answers below  ↓↓↓

Now you have completed all 7 Level 2 Gym Instructor Mock Exam questions, check your answers below,

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Answers: Level 3 Exam Mock Questions – Nutrition

1 = B,
2 = C,
3 = Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness typically lasts 24-72 hours,
4 = A,
5 = The 5 components of health-related fitness are:   Cardiovascular, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility, Body composition
6 = The 6 components of skill-related fitness are Speed, Power, Agility, Coordination, Equilibrium/ Balance, and Reaction Time (use the acronym SPACER to help you remember),
7= C,

How did you do?

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