Level 2 and 3 Fitness Exams Stop cheating in your revision

Level 2 and 3 Fitness Exams: Stop Cheating In Your Revision

In this episode of our FitPro Sessions podcast Neale and I take a moment to recognise where you are CHEATING in your revision

You’ll discover:

  • Why no one likes a cheat, especially in revision
  • The CHEAT acronym to understand why you are falling short on your revision sessions
  • The importance of sleep on revision
  • How to structure your revision and get clarity

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0:30 Introduction to Episode 045 of the FitPro Sessions Podcast
0:45 Noone likes a cheat
2:40 Where do you CHEAT in your revision and studies?
4:20 Understanding your revision CONFUSION
5:30 Why being HUNGRY can ruin your revision session
6:30 Letting EMOTIONS stall your revision
7:37 Being distracted and ABSENT MINDED
8:10 Don’t try to revise when you are TIRED; sleep is important
9:24 How have you been CHEATing in your revision
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The CHEAT acronym

The CHEAT acronym will help you see the main areas that affect the effectiveness of your revision


If you are confused or overwhelmed by your studies, then it can be tempting to try and revise everything at once, or nothing at all. This is bad news for your deeper knowledge and memory of facts. The key is to get organised and gain clarity on your revision


This is my problem. I’ll it down to study, and then before i know it I’m standing in the kitchen looking through the fridge, faffing about making tea and sandwiches.


Be mindful not to let negative emotions rule your revision, as it will make the whole experience feel liek a chore.


In other words you are disteracted. This includes notifications from your phone, people interrupting you, distractions from the radio. Do what you can to control your environemtn and limit distractions


If you aren’t getting enough sleep then this will affect your ability retain the information you are trying to learn. Don’t ditch the zzzz’s for a few extra hours of revision, it could make things worse. Listen to Podcast 008 with Phil Quirk HERE

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