How To Study For Your Anatomy Exam in 4 Weeks

This blog is for you if you are a Trainee FitPro wondering how to study for your Anatomy exam in 4 weeks and pass with confidence.

I’ll explain the 3 simple steps you need to follow to add structure and simplicity to your revision schedule and avoid overwhelm and stress.

Watch this 4 minute video to explain exactly what to do…

How To Study For Your Anatomy Exam in 4 Weeks – 3 simple steps

Step 1: Content

Before you even start to work out how to study for your anatomy exam in 4 weeks, you first need to know WHAT you to study.

There is very little point in sitting down to study, opening the book and having a never-ending list of topics and new information to learn. You need to know exactly the topics, modules and volume of information that you need to know for the exam.

Take a global view of all of the content and look for clear headlines and modules that allow you to chunk the information.

For example in the Level 3 anatomy and physiology exam, we chunk this into 8 modules:

1: The Heart & Circulatory System
2: The Muscular System
3: Muscle Locations, Origins & Insertions
4: The Body In Motion
5: Posture and Core
6: The Nervous System
7: The Endocrine System
8: The Energy Systems

From experience, the module that needs the most repetition and focus is “Module 3: Muscle Locations, Origins &Insertions”. It’s the module that trainee FitPros struggle to learn and remember.

Therefore it is best to allow for a little longer for this part. The level 3 anatomy exam requires you to learn 50 muscles, and the level 2 anatomy exam requires you to learn 26 muscles.

Get a clear list of all of these muscles so you know exactly WHAT you need to study for your exam.

Step 2: Break It Down

Now you know WHAT to study, you can think about how to study for your anatomy exam in 4 weeks.

Having a deadline of 4 weeks and a list of the content, allows you to reverse engineer your revision plan, spreading your learning over the whole 4 weeks.

If you know there are 8 modules to learn, you can set the target of 2 per week. If you know there are 50 muscles to learn you spread them out as 2 per day over 25 days (with a couple of extra days on the end).

Here’s an example of how you could spread out your learning over 4 weeks:

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Step 3: Recap Time

Allow for some time at the end of your study plan to allow for reviewing and recapping key information as well as harder modules.

This is great if you have a method of summarizing the information quickly via Video or Audio.

Allow for at least a few revision sessions (1-2 hours) to recap your information.

This recap time is also a great place to add to your mock questions. these will help you to:

  • Know what to expect on exam day
  • Identify your strengths
  • Refine your revision strategy

You can download hundreds of mock questions for free by clicking the link below:

Fitness Exam Mock Questions free download

Which of these 3 steps are you going to implement right away?


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I have no time to create a study plan

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