How to Plan Circuit Classes - The Cookie cutter or the Sculptor

How to Plan Circuit Classes: The Cookie Cutter or The Sculptor

A common problem that new FitPros face is how to plan circuit classes and keep variety without using the same plan for everyone.

In this blog (and video) we’ll explain how to take THREE simple steps, to understand exactly How To Plan Circuit Classes that have variety, fun and purpose.

Having worked with FitPros for years I know that there is a huge FEAR associated with planning

A fear that it WILL BE WRONG
A fear that you’ll break your clients
A fear that it will be boring 
A fear that it wont work
A fear that your client wont adapt or get results
A fear that you are GUESSING

Fear makes us WITHDRAW. 

Instead of stepping forward with confidence into a new “uncomfortable area” of planning, coaching or living… 

We withdraw and stay in our familiar and very cosy comfort zone.

That comfort zone leads to a whole set of habits that keep us STUCK
We end up using the same processes and practices OVER AND OVER

Like with planning a class,

It becomes a COOKIE CUTTER APPROACH to planning

This means you do the same format, the same structure, the same exercises, the same variables, the same number reps, the same intensity FOR EVERY CLIENT

sound familiar?

hoping that EVERY CLIENT and every EVERY GOAL will like/ benefit from the same cookie shape. 

Well, cookie cutters are great for making loads of biscuits… but you are not a biscuit. And neither is your client! 

^^ read that again 

“YOU ARE NOT A BISCUIT and neither is your client”

They dont want to be treated the same as everyone else, because one size DOES NOT fit everyone 

Instead, see yourself as a sculptor

It is your job to sculpt a programme, sculpt a session and sculpt a result
I would much rather see my client (and their results) as a piece of art, than seeing them as a biscuit  🙂 lol 

Watch the below video to learn more about the THREE simple steps you can take to become a sculptor when planning for classes… and STOP being a Cookie Cutter.

How to plan circuit classes in 3 steps:

How to Plan Circuit Classes: The Cookie cutter or the Sculptor

Step 1: Sculpt the Attendees

Make sure your classes are aimed at ONE TYPE of client and ONE TYPE of goal.

Step 2: Sculpt the Adaptation

Plan out the progressive overview of all variables, for the duration of your programme, whether that is 6 weeks, 8 weeks or 12 weeks.

This is the progression of Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type… and use this to create the physiological adaptation you want your clients to see between the beginning and end of the programme.

Step 3: Sculpt the Individual

The final step is to be prepared for individual adaptions around injuries and preferences. Be ready to make something easier or harder along the way.

We teach you exactly how to do this in our Level 2 Circuit Training Instructor Course 

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Hayley “be the scupltor” Bergman

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