How to Get 100% In Your Anatomy and Physiology Test

How to Get 100% In Your Anatomy and Physiology Test

This blog will help you prepare for your upcoming Anatomy and Physiology test, especially if you REALLY want to get 100% of the questions correct.

You’ll discover:

  • That the required pass mark is for your Anatomy and Physiology Test is not as high as 100%
  • Why your drive for a high score will help you as a FitPro
  • Why seeking 100% can disrupt your revision
  • Test your knowledge with 3 Mock Questions
  • How to simplify and structure your revision to get 100% in your anatomy and physiology test

What to expect on your Anatomy and Physiology Test

The exact number of questions and time frames can vary for each awarding body and training provider. However, there are usually 50 multiple choice questions in your Level 2 Anatomy and Physiology test and a 115-minute time limit.

There are usually 40 multiple choice questions in a Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology exam, with 90 minutes to complete it.

In order to pass, you must score a minimum of 70%, which is a relatively high pass rate compared to the degree standard of 40%. This means you need to correctly answer 35 out of 50 at level 2, or 28 out of 40 at level 3.

You may be aiming for a 100% pass mark, but just know that you actually only REQUIRE 70% to pass and get certified.

Why your drive for a high score will help you as a FitPro

If you are looking to pass your exam with 100% then first up

I tip my hat and congratulate you

Because you have drive, high standards, and want to be the best you can

Those qualities are going to REALLY help you as a FitPro, not just because you know the facts about anatomy and physiology, but because you will apply this same standard to working with clients.

You will most likely be:

  • Highly analytical of client technique
  • Questioning over client behaviours
  • Hold a high standard in how you coach your clients
  • And want to implement your knowledge into the BEST plans you can

However, striving for 100% in your anatomy and physiology test might actually be harmful for your revision

Why seeking 100% can disrupt your revision

If you are planning to settle for nothing less than 100% in your exam, then this might cause some issues.

Being a perfectionist over your exam score, and over your knowledge can zap you of momentum

This means that you might spend hours and hours trying to perfect small pieces of knowledge, to the point that you never FEEL ready to move on to the next topic.

This is a dangerous strategy, whereby you NEVER FEEL READY and end up delaying your exam month after month.

Instead, you need to have a clear strategy whereby you move through all 8 modules by following a clear and logical study plan.

Allow yourself to move on to the next module in line with the plan even if you can only remember 60% of the content. I promise when you learn all of the modules, the knowledge from each one helps the knowledge of another.

This means that your knowledge layers on over the course of learning the rest of the modules.

Then you can recap the harder areas again at the end, by testing your knowledge.

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Test your knowledge with 3 Mock Questions

Look at the 3 Mock Anatomy and Physiology Test questions below and jot down your answer on a scrap paper or as a note in your phone.

Then scroll down to reveal the answers.

1) Which of the following describes an Antagonist muscle?

A. The muscle that is opposite to the prime mover and relaxes
B. The main muscle involved in the action
C. The muscle which assists the main muscle in bringing about the action
D. A muscle which contracts statically to fix another body part

2) A muscle belly is wrapped inside which connective tissue?

A. Endomysium
B. Epimysium
C. Myofilament
D. Perimysium

3) Which of the following types of movement is possible at the shoulder girdle?

A. Retraction
B. Extension
C. Adduction
D. Abduction


Q1: Answer = A
Q2: Answer = B
Q3: Answer = A

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