FitPro Sessions Podcast Episode 006 – Darren Stock Body Transformation Coach

FitPro Sessions Podcast Episode 006 With Darren Stock – Body Transformation Coach

FitPro Sessions Podcast Episode 006 With Darren Stock – Body Transformation Coach

Today’s podcast episode Neale interviews Darren Stock, a Body Transformation Coach that has worked with clients for almost 10 years and had phenomenal results.

Here’s what we talked about on today’s FitPro Sessions Podcast

Body transformation, weight loss and getting results with clients by going ALL-IN for all 168 hours in the week, not just the one hour that they train in the gym.

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Grab the FitPro Sessions Podcast show notes:


1:00 Who is Darren Stock – Body Transformation Coach
2:30 Starting an interest in fitness and sport from an early age
4:00 Changing the shape of the body with Body Building
6:50 Using the gym as a method to switch off and relax
9:30 Why the term “body transformation coach” and not “personal trainer”
11:30 Standing out from the crowd as a Fit Pro
13:30 168 hours and all in
16:00 Educating a client on nutrition principles
18:20 Darren’s first Body Building Show
20:30 “You have to work back from the Fat Percentage that you want to achieve”
22:30 Setting a realistic weightloss goal
24:30 Having a low target is more achievable – losing 0.6kg per week
26:50 Weight loss via nutrition deficit or exercise output
30:50 The right cardio at the right the time
34:45 Lessons from Darren’s first show
36:00 Problems with keto diet and very strict nutrition
42:20 who is Neil Hill?
45:30 Niched down to become a specialist with top class knowledge
46:45 Advice for someone who wants to start a Fitness Career
47:30 “I expect the best from my clients, they expect the best from me”
50:25 How to break the fear of starting out
50:46 “Imagine yourself standing at the bottom of the mountain looking up, but the longer you stand looking at it the less likely you will climb it”
52:00 Why do you think 80% of new fit pros leave the fitness industry within 18 months?
54:00 Having a self-employed mindset and focusing on marketing and sales
56:00 A client story of body transformation
1:00:00 A Sustainable PT model without pay per hour
1:01:00 Client body transformation to be stage ready
1:06:00 What is the secret sauce as a body transformation coach to assist in the client journey
1:06:30 Stress, happiness and sleep
1:09:00 Learner Question: Rep ranges for building muscle
1:16:00 Learner Question: What’s your biggest challenge whilst working in the fitness industry
1:19:00 Based on all of your life experiences so far, what 3 tips would you give someone wanting to start in coaching
1:22:00 What makes an Outstanding Coach?
1:23:30 Where to go to find out more about Darren Stock

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