FitPro Sessions Podcast Episode 003 PART 2 with Phil Quirk – More Spokes to avoid a Bumpy Ride

FitPro Sessions Podcast Episode 003 PART 2 with Phil Quirk – More Spokes to avoid a Bumpy Ride

Today’s podcast episode is a real game-changer if you’re thinking of taking a career, interested in NLP and behaviour change as well as thinking of setting up your own fitness business.

Here’s what we talked about with Phil Quirk:

Career Change from the services, NLP and Hypnosis as well as important distinctions to be made in the first few months of starting a business.

FitPro Sessions Podcast Episode 003 PART 2 – More Spokes to avoid a Bumpy Ride


1:30 What was the catalyst for making the career change from the RAF and services to the Fitness industry
4:00 “I dont wanna live by those rules, I wanna create my own rules”
5:30 what was the time frame between thinking about leaving and leaving?
7:15 “The urge to move was becoming much more than the security of staying”
09:30 “In business, i think more people fail because they are not bald enough”
11:30 what advice would you give someone that wants to enter the coaching world?
16:30 Being flexible and adaptable
18:00 “If you are selling a life transformational experience, that is very different from selling a single one-hour training session”
19:00 Why the fitness industry might be a crowded market, but there is no competition
20:50 “people gravitate towards your confidence”
22:00 Acting with integrity and being you
22:50 What is NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) ?
24:30 “90% of what is going on is Sub-conscious”
27:15 Motivation vs Commitment
29:00 Using NLP to enhance performance incl Ed Clancy
31:30 Using metaphors in hypnosis
38:30 Can anyone use NLP?
41:30 Seeking a highly technical qualification may not be the best route to progress
42:00 Niche down as a specialist in the top 3 inches of the body (the subconscious brain)
45:00 What are the benefits of NLP?
52:00 More spokes to the wheel to avoid a bumpy ride
The category of one
53:30 Giving advice to improve client adherence and behaviour change
55:00 What makes an Outstanding Coach ?

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