004 FitPro Sessions Podcast with David Loasby - Taking The Leap

FitPro Sessions Podcast Episode 004 – Taking The Leap With David Loasby

FitPro Sessions Podcast Episode 004 – Taking The Leap With David Loasby from Kick Fit Coaching

Today’s podcast episode is a real game-changer if you’re feeling hesitant about taking the career change leap to become a personal trainer;

or if you are currently taking the leap to a new fitness career and looking for tips to help you over this tricky time

Here’s what we talked about on today’s FitPro Sessions Podcast

Taking the leap from a 9-5 job to a full-time career as a Personal Trainer, working in club, and what it is like throughout the qualifying journey

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Grab the FitPro Sessions Podcast show notes:


1:00 Dave’s Story of Taking The Leap
3:10 “I can do this, I will do this”
3:45 Dave’s Backstory
4:30 “My job was mundane, I was sat at my desk 9-5”
7:05 Why did you choose to get into Fitness?
10:00 The decision to become a FitPro
11:00 The initial phone call to clarify the decision
14:15 “You’re living proof that if you’re deep down excited and enthusiastic… absorb more info
15:15 Taking the leap with young kids and a partner
16:00 “having the feeling you can do something yourself is good – but having the support of someone you love gives you that extra push”
18:00 Building a financial cushion before taking the leap
19:20 What was life like whilst getting qualified?
20:00 Standing out from other PTs and working out how to be different
22:00 Incorporating functional training to benefit the client
25:00 Why do you think so many people think changing career is overwhelming?
26:30 What has life been like in the first 3 years of being a PT?
27:30 “Tired, somewhat burned out and working a 90 hour week… but still with time for Family”
30:00 Choosing the right gym to start out as a PT
33:00 Kickfits No Excuses Programme
37:00 How to hook PT clients from teaching classes in club
39:00 What do you wish you had known when starting out?
44:30 What to wear on an Interview at a gym?
45:40 3 tips or advice for someone starting out in coaching and fitness
46:50 what is your definition of an outstanding coach?
47:20 How to contact Dave at Kick Fit Coaching

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