Common Questions When Starting As a Fitness Professional;

Common Questions When Starting As a Fitness Professional

This episode answers the most Common Questions When Starting As a Fitness Professional. We have collated all of your questions following our last episode and selected the 25 top questions that FitPro’s ask.

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In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The answer to the niggling questions that keep you stuck as a new FitPro
  • Answers to 25 Common Questions When Starting As a Fitness Professional that you may not have even thought to ask
  • Download 34+ documents and templates to simplify your FitPro startup

Common Questions When Starting As a Fitness Professional

Common Questions When Starting As a Fitness Professional


0:30 Introduction to Season 2: FitPro Beginnings
1:00 Why it’s important to ask questions as a new FitPro
4:00 Do I need Insurance?
7:00 Should I register with REPS/ CIMSPA?
10:10 What PARQ and fitness forms should I use?  
11:55 How much should I charge?
18:45 What’s the average salary for a PT? READ HERE
23:50 Do I need to become a limited company?
25:00 Do I need to keep a record of receipts, payments etc?
26: 20 What equipment should I have?
30:10 What Fitness tests should I do in a consultation?
34:00 How do I get started on a budget?
36:10 How do I launch a fitness business, with no time whilst juggling a job?40:10 Family don’t understand me, they think I’m silly
43:10 How do I take payment from clients?
44:20 Do I need licenses to train outside?
47:00 Can I train from home without new licenses?
49:00 How can we change and operate in the new COVID environment
51:00 Who can I train if I have Level 2 and Level 3 PT qualifications?
55:30 Do I need to do a risk assessment

56:00 When teaching a class does everyone need to do a PARQ?
56:50 Do I trust my client when they say they are safe to exercise?
58:40 Do I need a Music License?
1:00:14 Do I need to register with ICO for GDPR?
1:01:27 I’m not very techy, what do you suggest for marketing?
1:04:00 How long to pursue a marketing technique before changing tack?
1:07:20 How do I find my first clients and create an offer?

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