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What is the average personal trainer salary?

This blog will explore the average personal trainer salary in the UK, and how you can become a personal trainer that feels confident to start work as a FitPro straight away.

You’ll discover:

  • Why becoming a personal trainer is a personal journey
  • What is the average personal trainer salary?
  • Examples of different personal trainer careers and salaries?
  • That the average salary is relative
  • Find out what you want to earn as a Personal Trainer.
  • Become a confident and knowledgeable Personal Trainer with us

Becoming a personal trainer is a personal journey

One of the things I love most about the fitness industry is the diversity and variety.

Not only are there multiple reasons for becoming a Personal Trainer, and routes you can take to become qualified…

but there is also loads of routes you can take once qualified; including:

  • Exercise class and circuit instructor
  • Leading bootcamps outdoors
  • One-to-one personal training
  • Online coaching
  • Health and nutrition advice
  • Specializing in common clinical conditions
  • Small group based Personal Training
  • In a big gym chain
  • Going solo with no boss
  • and so many more…

The ability to pick and chose what hours you work, what lifestyle you want to lead, how much you want to work, who your ideal client is… it just keeps going with tonnes of options.

And it is these options that make it super difficult to provide JUST ONE average personal trainer salary number

Fitness is such a personalised career path … you really can make it what you want

What is the average personal trainer’s salary?

Like I said a moment ago, there is so much capacity to personalize your journey into fitness and your personal trainer career, so averaging a salary is often misleading.

So let’s look at the extreme examples to give you an idea:


You have a high-performing, celebrity-status FitPro like Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) or James Smith that are essentially Personal trainers by trade.

Last year it was reported that Joe Wicks earned £5.5 million, including sales from books,, his online programmes, memberships and his school projects.

He has a team of coaches and administrators, he has offices, and millions of followers on social media and is a household name in the fitness industry.


She is a part-time fitness moonlighter who is running a couple of classes and one to ones per week alongside her full-time job and looking after a family.

This type of personal trainer may only bring home a few hundred pounds per month, which reflects the less time they put into their fitness career.


Paul is a personal trainer who owns his own studio gym with a healthy membership and smart business model. He earns over £100,000 per year, but with staff costs, responsibilities, and an ability to leverage his time to other coaches.


Carly is a Full-Time Personal Trainer that pays a fixed rent of £600 per month in a large gym, charging approximately £40 per hour and working 30 hours per week.

She is on an equivalent of £4,200 per month, after rent, making it an average annual wage of over £50,000, if all of her weeks are the same. However, Carly had to build her client base over time and finds it can be unpredictable at certain times of the year.

It is all relative

The real question is

What do you want to earn as a Personal Trainer?

Now you know that pretty much anything is possible inside the fitness industry, you just need to find YOUR PATH

Instead of focusing on what others are doing, take a moment to focus on what you would like to achieve as a Personal Trainer. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. How much would you like to earn per week, month and year?
  2. How regular and stable do you require your income to be?
  3. How many hours would you like to work each week (all-inclusive)?
  4. Do you see yourself working with groups, one-to-one or both?
  5. Would you like to work online or face to face or both?
  6. Can you accept a lower amount for the first few months?
  7. If you are phasing your career change, when would you like to be full-time as a personal trainer?

That is a great list of questions to get you started.

And just remember you can make it whatever you want it to be 

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