3 essential facts about the heart

3 Essential Facts About The Heart

There are a lot of facts about the heart, but this video will cut out the confusion and strip it down to 3 essential facts about the heart.

1. Two Sides:
There is a left side and a right side, separated by the septum. The Left side is your right as you look at it, and the right side is your left as you look at it. Imagine you are a heart surgeon – it is the patients right and left, not yours. This is the top of the essential facts about the heart, and helpful for both level 2 and 3 anatomy revision

2. Four Chambers:
There are 4 chambers in the heart, the top two are called Atria, where blood is collected from the body. The bottom two chambers are called Ventricles, where blood is pumped out to the rest of the body.

3. Two Types of Valves:
There are two types of valves in the heart, the atrioventricular and the semi-lunar valves.
The atrioventricular valve separates the atria and the ventricles. This prevents backflow from the ventricle to the atria, and keep blood moving in the correct direction.
The semilunar valves, are the shape of a half moon and separate the ventricles from the arteries. This prevents backflow from the arteries to the ventricles and keeps blood moving in the correct direction.

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