Working with client comorbidities and medications

Working with client comorbidities and medications

Today’s FitPro Session Podcast Episode is all about Working with client comorbidities and medications. We discuss how an Exercise Referral specialist can manage multiple clinical conditions, exercise recommendations and medication side effects.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • what are comorbidities?
  • how to add structure to planning for clients with conditions
  • and the role of medications in managing common clinical conditions

Watch S4E9: Working with client comorbidities and medications


0:30 Welcome to Season 4 Episode 9 of the FitPro Sessions Podcast: Working with client comorbidities and medications
02:00 Remembering why you became a FitPro to HELP clients
04:30 What are Comorbidities?
06:30 Planning considerations for multiple medications, recommendations and contraindicated exercises?
09:00 The importance of Nutritional Advice and Coaching
13:00 Using SOAP to add structure to your planning
19:00 The importance of coaching all 168 hours of your clients week
22:00 A fitness Course is like getting your driving license
24:00 Medications and how they interact with client conditions
28:00 Ensuring the solutions you offer dont contradict client improvement
34:30 What is the ONE domino that you need to push over?
36:00 Neale’s big Domino: Having a clear shopping routine
37:00 Hayley’s Big Domino: Small challenge or short term goal
41:00 Understanding medications in detail as a FitPro
46:00 The knock-on effect of medications
51:00 The bridge across the chasm
55:00 Behaviour change to be the lighthouse, not the tugboat
58:00 Our biggest takeaways from the Exercise Referral Course
1:06:00 What is your big takeaway, Message us … Or Comment Below

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