What Do I Wear To A Personal Training Interview

What Do I Wear To A Personal Training Interview

One of the first things you have to think about when you graduate as a fully qualified personal trainer is “What Do I Wear To A Personal Training Interview”?

Whether you are going for a job in a health club, gym, or hotel chain; you can expect an interview process. You know you have the knowledge, the qualifications and the physical skills…

The big question is what to wear; do you wear smart clothes, smart casual, take gym kit, or do you wear your workout clothes?

This blog answers the common question of what to wear to a PT interview, so you can be prepared and make a great first impression on your next interview

Should I wear gym clothes to my Personal Training interview?

Even though you will be wearing “activewear” when you get the job as a Personal Trainer, it would be inappropriate to turn up in workout clothes.

This is the same as turning up to a police officer interview in a police uniform or a construction interview in a hard hat…

The idea of the interview is to show the best of you, which is easier to see through smart clothes

A lot of people don’t like wearing very smart attire, it makes them feel uncomfortable, hot and restricted. As a result, FITPROs will often look for a route to wear their gym kit; that allows them to walk, sit and stand in their normal confident posture.

However, remember this is the first (and potentially last) impression that you will have on the interviewer. Regardless of how we feel in the moment, we want to be focused on the big outcome of getting the job, and in order to do so we have to make an outstanding first impression.

Show the best of you

In any job interview, you want to show the best of yourself. The best of your knowledge, the best of your experience, and the best of how you present yourself…

That means presenting yourself for a first impression, you can never go wrong by dressing SMART

A suit for men, or a skirt and blouse combo (or other smart options) for women.

You want to wear clothes that look fresh and clean without any visible creases from being in storage all week… so avoid anything too tight-fitting or low cut if possible.

Keep colours neutral but still colourful enough to show off your personality.

Will I have to instruct on my interview?

Some gyms and fitness venues will expect you to do a physical coaching part of your interview. In which case they will usually tell you to come prepared to instruct someone.

If you’ve been told you have to lead a coaching session then you will want to take your comfortable (but still smart and presentable) instructor gym clothes. I’d definitely recommend you take workout clothes with you and turn up smart, as first impressions count.

If you haven’t been asked to come prepared to instruct, then the likelihood is it is just a sit-down interview, so dress smart, and then make sure you have some presentable workout clothes in your bag just in case.

What are presentable workout clothes?

It’s a good idea to have some clothes in your bag that are more casual, and not as formal (but still presentable).

I’d recommend you pack gym shorts or leggings with an appropriate top. This way when they ask if you’re prepared for coaching/demonstration of practical skills, then you’ll be good to go.

For ladies, make sure the gym top isn’t too low cut, and the shorts not too revealing

For men, aim for a t-shirt rather than a vest top, so the shoulders and armpits are covered.

Also, ensure that the workout clothes you change into are presentable, washed, smell fresh and are mostly crease-free

What will you wear to a PT interview?

Drop a comment below, telling us what you will wear for your next personal training interview

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