Understanding The Digestive System step by step

Understanding The Digestive System in 3 minutes

Understanding the Digestive System can be really tricky from a manual, it is hard to see exactly where the organs are, and understand the order and function of each organ within the digestive system.

This blog and video will talk you through each step in under 3 minutes, so you can learn quickly and be ready for your level 3 nutrition exam.

The Level 3 Nutrition for physical activity exam, usually has 40 questions, of which 5-8 of these are likely to relate to the digestive system and the passage of food.

Watch the quick 3-minute video to learn each stage, pausing if you need to take notes, and then progress to the mock questions at the bottom of the blog to check your understanding.

Understanding The Digestive System in 3 minutes

This video is for you if you are studying for your level 3 nutrition exam.

First of all, there are some functions and some features of the digestive system the mouth, the pharynx, oesophagus, the stomach, the pancreas, large intestine and small intestine, and we’re gonna explain all of these in the video above.

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Nutrition Mock Questions

Answer these three questions and check your answers below

1. Which Digestive Organ is will mechanically digest food?
A. Stomach
B. Salivary Gland
C. Pancreas
D. Liver

2. Partially digested food leaving the Stomach has what name?
A. Pepsin
B. Pancreatic Juices
C. Chyme
D. Feces

3. Where does most macronutrient absorption take place?
A. Large Intestine
B. Small Intestine
C. Stomach
D. Mouth

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1 = A
2 = C
3 = B

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