The Power of Consistency in Your Fitness Business

The Power of Consistency in Your Fitness Business

In the ever-changing fitness business, we often face a choice: stick with the old or start anew. Change can be exciting, promising a fresh start. But sometimes, our desire for variety leads us down a self-sabotage path.

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Consistency is key in your #fitnessbusiness

Change: Friend or Foe?

Let’s be clear – change isn’t always the enemy. It’s vital for progress.

Let me share a quick story: One of my coaching clients is currently in the process of piecing together her FITPRO business again.

A few years ago she got bored and decided to rip up her entire fitness business… she cancelled classes, scrapped her website and stopped PT clients. Instead, she started a whole new business direction that she thought would be better.

It felt invigorating at first. It felt decisive and required lots of new problem-solving to keep her on her toes.

Fast forward 2 years and this new opportunity was earning her less money and costing her a lot more time. She is rushed off her feet, tired… and poor.

So, now 30 months after ditching her old FITPRO business is trying to pick up the pieces and move back to a model that actually works.

The crucial factor lies in understanding where these changes take you – closer or further from your fitness business objectives.

Understanding the Impact of Change

The key is to grasp where changes take you – closer to fitness goals or further away. Progress or hindrance?

Before diving into a new decision, reflect on your Fitness Business goals. Ensure your choices align with your business goals and that you have a clear solid consistent strategy to getting there.

Seeking Clarity and Focus?

Feeling lost in your FITPRO journey?

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Master Your Fitness Business

There are many aspects to setting up a FITPRO business, and without proper guidance, you can find yourself overwhelmed, confused and focusing on the wrong things. The biggest issue is that you spend so long trying to set up your business that you never get started training clients, all the while your confidence is reducing and your momentum comes to a halt.

Our FITPRO Business Kickstarter is an online programme designed for newly qualified FITPROs to show them the foundations of building a business that is efficient, effective… and suits your lifestyle and dreams.

Plus you learn all the intricate “hows” and tactics behind setting up campaigns, marketing your business and building your first PT package.

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  • doubting you could get clients consistently or create a client package
  • anxious and confused about how to get found and get busy

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