Tackling Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome as a FitPro

Tackling Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome as a FitPro

This episode of the FitPro Sessions Podcast looks at Tackling Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome as a FitPro. Neale and I dive deep into the global epidemic of obesity and how this affects you asa health and fitness professional.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The risks of an increasing population of obesity
  • How to coach clients that have obesity and metabolic syndrome
  • The importance of behaviour change in tackling metabolic conditions

Watch S4E4: Tackling Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome as a FitPro

Tackling Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome as a FitPro


0:30 Welcome to S4E4 of FitPro Sessions Podcast: Tackling Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome as a FitPro
1:00 How Neale lost his voice
4:00 Why weight loss is a behaviour change issue
5:40 64.3% of the uk are overweight or obese
8:00 How to measure obesity, BMI or waist measurement
15:00 Measuring fat% to work out how long it takes to lose weight
26:00 The cause of Obesity – Foresight Map (2007)
30:00 Coaching weight loss through lifesyle advice
36:30 What is metabolic syndrome?
42:00 Why losing weight reduces the risk of many health complications
49:00 The powerful impact of being a FitPro and coach
50:00 Falls prevention and risk management
54:00 Exercise Considerations for Obese Clients
58:00 Changes to gait and posture in obese clients
1:04:00 The workout isnt about high calorie burn and more about enjoyment and great adherence
1:07:00 Medications and treatment for Obese clients
1:12:00 Building your FitPro Tool Box
1:13:00 What is your big takeaway, Message us …
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