S4E6 Tackling Clients With Low Back Pain

S4E6: Tackling Clients With Low Back Pain

Today’s FitPro Session Podcast Episode is all about tackling clients with Low Back Pain and understanding how to work with clients that experience pain

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • the different types of pain
  • how to help clients with low back pain
  • what is really happening during disc herniation… it relates to doughnuts!

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0:30 Welcome to Season 4 Episode 6 of FitPro Sessions Podcast: Tackling Clients With Low Back Pain
05:30 What is Pain?
09:30 Nocioceptive Pain
10:30 Non-nocioceptive Pain
14:30 Tension Myositis Syndrome – TMS as a type of pain
19:00 Using a Biopsychosocial model to treat clients with low back pain
21:30 Finding your niche with low back pain
27:00 Screening your client and finding out about their day
32:00 Acute, Subacute and chronic classifications of low back pain
36:00 What are the Low Back Pain Red Flags – Cauda Equina
39:00 Using questions to dig deeper
41:00 What are the Low Back Pain Yellow Flags – psychosocial
47:00 Spinal Pathology of Spondylosis and Spinal Stenosis
58:00 What is a disc herniation – the doughnut analogy
1:06:30 Medications used for Low Back Pain
1:11:00 Back Pain Relief tools and tactics
1:14:00 How to market towards clients with Back Pain
1:16:00 What is your big takeaway, Message us …
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