Should I Pay Rent In A Gym As A Brand New PT?

This blog will explore your options as a Brand New PT and whether you should Pay Rent In A Gym immediately, or whether other opportunities are best suited to you…

You’ll discover:

  • Why becoming a personal trainer is a personal journey
  • The three models that are great for brand-new PTs
  • How to Pay Rent In A Gym and use this to succeed as a new PT
  • Going mobile or “outdoors” as a Brand new PT
  • Using a BootCamp to start a fitness career
  • Become a confident and knowledgeable Personal Trainer

Watch Should I Pay Rent In A Gym As A Brand New PT?

Should I Pay Rent In A Gym As A Brand New PT?

Becoming a personal trainer is a personal journey

One of the things I love most about the fitness industry is the diversity and variety.

Not only are there multiple reasons for becoming a Personal Trainer, and routes you can take to become qualified…

but there are also loads of routes you can take once qualified; including:

  • Exercise class and circuit instructor
  • Leading bootcamps outdoors
  • Pay rent in a big gym chain
  • Mobile one-to-one personal training
  • Online Coaching
  • Health and nutrition advice
  • Specializing in common clinical conditions
  • Small group-based Personal Training
  • Going solo with no boss
  • and so many more…

The ability to choose what hours you work, what lifestyle you want to lead, how much you want to work, who your ideal client is… it just keeps going with tons of options.

And it is these options that make it super difficult to provide JUST ONE answer to the question “Should I Pay Rent In A Gym As A Brand New PT?”

Fitness is such a personalised career path … you really can make it what you want

The Three models that are great for brand-new PTs

As a Brand New PT you will be wanting to gain experience, earn income and get a taste for the type of client you want to train.

However, your path to getting started will depend largely on your preferences and requirements, including:

  • How much time you can give each week
  • Whether you need flexible work hours around family and commitments
  • You might love or hate the gym environment
  • The idea of having a boss
  • Income that you need to earn each month, and how stable/ reliable it is
  • The want for guidance and support
  • Or the independence of being in control of your own business

All of these factors will heavily impact which model you chose, so lets explore the main three:

  1. Pay Rent In a Gym
  2. Go Mobile in people’s homes or your own home gym
  3. Bootcamps and groups to cherry-pick PT

How to Pay Rent In A Gym and use this to succeed as a new PT

As a new PT you might be concerned about the idea of paying a gym chain £600 or more each month. This can sound like an expensive and risky way to start as a FITPRO, but it actually can offer some really good benefits that a lot of new PTs don’t weigh up.

Firstly, it’s unlikely that the gym manager will want you to pay “full rent” for the first month or two. They may also give you the option to work approx 12 hours a week to substitute the rent, cleaning doing inductions and taking classes.

Although this might sound like you are giving your time away for nothing, it is actually a very smart option (if you are going full time) as you have time on the gym floor and meeting clients, which is the best time to upsell PT sessions. Whatsmore you don’t need to then pay rent (or at least less rent), which means you have an easier route to making a profit.

The other thing I love about the gym rent model is that you usually get to keep 100% of what you earn as a PT (after paying rent), which means it’s in your interest to get busy and help as many people as possible. Plus you get a manager and other PTs to guide and support you through your decisions as you start your career.

However, the downside is, it’s not really viable if you can only give a few hours per week to your new career. So, it doesn’t work very well as a side hustle alongside your other full-time job or if you are very restricted on time availability. In this case, one of the other models may be better.

Going mobile or “outdoors” as a Brand new PT

If you are short on time, or reluctant to pay a large gym rent, then you may prefer an option whereby you are your own boss. This comes with some difficulties but also a lot of opportunities.

This type of model is whereby you chose to visit clients at home, in a park, at your home or even online, rather than in a commercial gym setting. It is fully adaptable and flexible around your time availability, income requirements and pricing strategy.

You are in charge, but that also means you need to find your own clients and create a working marketing and sales strategy. Having said that, most new PTs overcomplicate this process too early, as your first few clients are likely to come from people you already know or have links to. The good thing is once you’ve learned the strategy you need, you can replicate and fully accelerate your income as a FITPRO in line with your availability. This means it can grow as you grow.

This model also doesn’t have a built-in manager that will crack the whip and encourage/ support you. It can feel lonely going it alone, especially if you are not used to a self-employed role, and some FITPROs are better off having the structure offered by an employer.

Bootcamps and groups to cherry-pick PT

To progress on the previous model, you may choose to have classes/boot camps that you run regularly. This is very effective at making sure you have a base of clients that you can then “cherry-pick” to upsell PT. You use the class as an easy-to-sell first step for people getting to know you, which in the meantime can leverage your time with maximum income.

This model is really effective alongside the second model, especially if you are holding down a full-time career elsewhere and can only give a couple of hours a week to your new fitness side hustle. Maximise the time you have by serving more clients in a shorter time, which will maximise your available income and make it worth your hustle.

Again you need to do your own marketing and sales, but as we said earlier, once you’ve learned a strategy right for you, you can replicate it to maximise your growth as a PT when you are ready.

Become a confident and knowledgeable Personal Trainer

The foundation to being a confident and knowledgeable PT is creating a safe and effective plan for your client that will guarantee results. Our FIT-Progressions online programme breaks down each training system, how to write a session plan and how to periodise for logical progressive overload so your client can get their goal every time. It also includes the fundamentals of starting your business and getting clients so you can hit the ground running on whichever PT model you chose.

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Become a knowledgeable and confident FITPRO, with a clear strategy to get results with your clients every time.

There’s no more self-doubt. There’s no more guessing what to plan or how to get client results. FIT-Progressions has 8 modules and 18 video tutorials that guide you through every stage of your Level 3 Personal Trainer case study, and how to work with clients effectively.

This is for you if you’re…

  • struggling to complete your coursework for PT, Yoga, or Pilates
  • a newly qualified FITPRO that feels stuck or overwhelmed
  • unsure where to start when planning a client session
  • worrying about applying your course knowledge with a real client
  • doubting you could get results and lack structure to client packages
  • anxious and confused about how to get found and get busy

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Test your knowledge with today’s mock questions:

[NOTE: The answers are below the 3rd question]

Q1: What is a benefit for paying rent in a gym as a new PT?

A. You are in charge of getting your own clients from outside of the gym
B. You get guidance an support from a manager and other PTs
C. You pay rent
D. You are your own boss and can decide prices, income and packages

Q2: What is a drawback for going mobile as a new personal trainer ?

A. You are in charge of getting your own clients from outside of the gym
B. You get guidance an support from a manager and other PTs
C. You pay rent
D. You are your own boss and can decide prices, income and packages

Q3: What is the main benefit of offering bootcamps and classes when you still have a fulltime job outside of fitness?
A. Clients pay a large sum so you need less clients
B. It is time consuming for little return
C. You have to pay a large rent for classes
D. Time is leveraged so you can work with more clients and earn more in a shorter time frame

Answers to the mock questions are :

Question 1= B, Question 2 = A, Question 3 = D

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