Starting out as a Fitness Professional

how to overcome low self esteem and confidence as a PT

How to overcome Low Self Esteem and Confidence as a PT – 3 part formula

The 3 Part Formula of How to Overcome Low Self Esteem and Confidence as a PT… Have you ever found yourself saying any of these comments: “Who am I to teach them” “Why would they pay me that” “I feel underconfident with planning and nutrition” “I just lack confidence” “How do I know if its right?” …

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Anatomy of a Personal Trainer

The Anatomy of a Personal Trainer… a rare breed. It takes a very special person to become a personal trainer… Most people think that the perfect personal trainer is all about aesthetics…but if you look closely at each layer of their anatomy, you can see why it is such a great profession. Share this blog with …

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what is developmental stretching

What is Developmental Stretching?

What is Developmental Stretching? You need to know about stretching as part of passing your Level 2 Fitness Instructor assessments. There are two types of stretching; maintenance and Developmental! Maintenance will maintain the length of the muscle and Range of motion that we already have. Developmental will progress the range of motion and length of …

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