Learning The 5 Tarsals Of The Foot [L3 Anatomy]

In today’s blog, you’ll learn the 5 tarsals of the foot and understand how they work together to allow movement and stability of the foot

You’ll discover:

  • What are tarsals
  • Which 5 bones make up the tarsals of the foot
  • The names of all 5 Tarsals Of The Foot
  • Mock questions to test your knowledge
  • How to learn and remember complex anatomy

What are Tarsals?

Tarsals are the small cube-shaped bones that make up the rearfoot and ankle.

They are “short-bones” which means they are:

  • Strong
  • Stable
  • Allow for small amounts of movement

Which 5 bones make up the tarsals of the foot?

Learning the 5 tarsals of the foot diagram

The Calcaneus

Otherwise known as your Heel Bone, Its main function is to dissipate impact from walking gait patterns. It’s irregular shape allows for important attachment sites of muscles (like the gastrocnemius via the Achilles tendon)

The Talus

This sits on top of the calcaneus and allows for articulation with the Tibia to create movement at the ankle.

The Navicular

This is a boat-shaped bone located in the top inner side of the foot. It helps connect the talus to the cuneiform bones of the foot and creates a longitudinal arch.

The Cuboid

The cuboid helps provide for the stability of the foot and the movement of the toes, and is on the lateral edge of the foot. It plays a big role in ensuring proper weight distribution and flexibility along the plantar fascia that runs along the sole of the foot.

The Cuneiforms

There are three of these on each foot. Its irregular shape allows for important attachment sites of muscles (like the gastrocnemius via the Achilles tendon) boney part of the first metatarsal leaves the floor.

How to learn and remember complex anatomy

If you currently rely on just reading to revise and learn, you’ll be amazed a how quickly you remember your A&P when you start applying it/drawing it on you.


At the end of the day you get to take “YOU” into the exam.

Linking your body to your revision is kinda like taking a load of notes into your exam. It makes it easier to remember and recall key information on exam day

Test your knowledge with today’s tarsals questions:

[NOTE: The answers are below the 3rd questions]

1. Which Tarsal articulates with the Tibia to form the ankle joint?
A. Tibia
B. Cuboid
C. Calcaneus
D. Talus

2. What anatomical name is given to the “heel bone”?
A. Talus
B. Calcaneus
C. Achilles heel
D. Cuboid

3. Which tarsal articulates with the first metatarsal?
A. Navicular
B. Cuneiforms
C. Cuboid
D. Calcaneus

What’s the CORRECT answer?

Answers to the mock questions are :

Question 1= D, Question 2 = B, Question 3 = B

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