How To Remember The Muscles Around The Knee

How To Remember The Muscles Around The Knee

Have you ever wondered how to Remember The Muscles for the L3 Anatomy exam? With 50 to learn in total and 10 of those being around the knee, it can feel daunting.

This is how this blog can help you breakdown your learning of all muscles but in particular the ones around the knee, so you can remember it on exam day.

If I asked you to touch your knee

In fact, go ahead and touch your knee or at least think about touching your knee.

What did you touch

I bet you touched your knee cap… the little sesamoid bone that acts as a lever for the quads among many other roles.

anyhoo… the reason I asked you to touch your knee❓

I often see peeps touching themselves in various places in the exam… not in that way 🙂 lol

I can usually tell what question peeps are on, they touch their quads, triceps, and knee or do random arm movements as these relate to the specific questions.

But here’s the thing

the knee is NOT just the knee cap and this is were so many trainee fitness peeps slip up. So…

▪️place both hands right around your knee.

▪️So your two thumbs touch behind the knee.

▪️Your palms wrap around and touch the medial inside knee

▪️and lateral outside knee.

With your fingertips meeting over your knee cap.


So when questions like this appear:

What muscle crosses the ankle and knee joints

A.Tibialis anterior

B. Peroneus longus



so many peeps answer with A because the see the work KNEE in the question.

and instantly assume front of the leg… with the Tibialis anterior being the main anterior lower leg muscle in the options.

There are multiple questions that could be asked like this.

Not to catch you out or make you slip up.

BUT to test your knowledge and ensure you know your stuff.

Because ultimately, once qualified you’re let loose on real-life clients

You MUST know how their body works in relation to exercises, intensity, and goals.

That’s why we cover EVERYTHING you must know in the revision mastery bootcamps and apply it to reality.

So it’s not just science knowledge that never gets applied.

You’re kinda like a mechanic… a body mechanic if you will.

Imagine a mechanic that knew very little about a car,

▪️it’s parts

▪️it’s engine

▪️how it works

▪️how it’s put together

▪️how it moves etc etc

Would you take your car to this mechanic that knew very little…

probably not.

The same goes for fitness peeps… you’re a body mechanic and MUST know how the body works.

Its anatomy and its physiology

If you feel you need that extra guidance, tools, and someone to teach you the INS & OUTS of your fitness revision…

then go here >>> become the body mechanic

Finally when you are touching yourself in the exam… just make sure you are touching the right body parts in relation to the question

he hee hee

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How to learn origins and insertions?

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  •  Exercise Examples

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