How To Remember the Digestive System

How To Remember the Digestive System

This blog is going to teach you how to remember the Digestive system, and understand the passage of food from the mouth to the toilet

You’ll discover:

  • Why you need to know about the Digestive System
  • How many Digestive System questions you’ll have in my exam?
  • Acronym for remembering the digestive system and passage of food
  • 3 Minute Video Tutorial
  • Three Mock Questions about the Digestive System
  • How to learn with simplicity using our Level 3 Nutrition Revision Mastery Bootcamp

Why do I need to know about the Digestive System?

As part of understanding the foundational nutrition principles, and how to give clear nutrition advice to clients, you need to understand how food is processed.

Part of understanding the process is to know each part of the digestive system and the organs involved.

The other aspect is to learn the order that food flows, this is called the passage of food, which is what we will learn today

How many Digestive System questions will I have in my exam?

The number of questions in your Level 3 Nutrition exam varies per awarding body and training provider. However, usually, there are approximately 40 questions and 90 minutes to answer these.

They are all Multiple Choice Questions

The 40 questions are split into 6 modules of content, so you can expect 6-7 questions to be about the Digestive System

This 3-minute video shows a quick tip and acronym for remembering the digestive system and the passage of food.

How To Remember the Digestive System… 
Level 3 nutrition exam how to remember the digestive system.

Acronym for remembering the digestive system and passage of food

The acronym we use in the 3-minute video is as follows:

MOSS DJ I LA – remember this as “Kate MOSS is a DJ In LA”

this translates to the following:

  • Mouth
  • Oesophagus
  • Stomach
  • Small Intestine (made up of)
  • Duodenum
  • Jejunum
  • Ileum
  • Large Intestine
  • Anus

Three Digestive System Mock Questions:

1.During digestion the stomach:
A. Absorbs carbohydrates into the blood
B. Releases hydrochloric acid to kill bacteria
C. Releases insulin and glucagon
D. Absorbs vitamins B and K

2. When food has passed through the Oesophagus, what is the correct sequence after?
A. Stomach, Duodenum, Ileum, Jejenum
B. Stomach, Jejunum, Duodenum, Large Intestine
C. Small Intestine, Anus
D. Stomach, Small Intestine, Large Intestine, Anus

3. Where are most micronutrients absorbed?
A. Stomach
B. Large Intestine
C. Oesophagus
D. Small Intestine


Question 1= B, Question 2 = D, Question 3 = D

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