Exploring Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For FITPROs

Today’s FITPRO Session Podcast episode is all about Exploring Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For FITPROs, and understanding the benefit of reprogramming inaccurate and unhelpful thoughts

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is so effective at eliciting behavioural change
  • How to recognise inaccurate and unhelpful thought processes in your client
  • The importance of referring to a CBT specialist to help your client further

Watch S8E7: Exploring Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For FITPROs

Exploring Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For FITPROs


0:00 Welcome to Season 8 Episode 7 of the FITPRO Sessions Podcast: Exploring Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For FITPROs
0:02 The tasting board of behavioural change
0:06 What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)?
0:10 Articulating perspective of thoughts
0:17 The CBT model – [Situation] – [Thought – Emotions – Behaviours – Physical Reactions]
0:24 How a thought situation creates a thought which impacts behaviour and creates a habit
0:26 CBT as a training tool to reprogramme future cognitive processes
0:27 The Mercedes Model – [thoughts – feelings and emotions – behaviours]
0:30 4 core concepts of CBT
0:31 The three levels of cognitive processing – unconscious vs conscious
0:37 Automatic thoughts
0:48 The 6 Cognitive Errors
0:59 Schemas [simple -intermediary beliefs and assumptions – core beliefs of the self]
1:10 What is your big takeaway from today’s episode?
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