Episode 039 Six Training Variables To Progress Client Workouts

Episode 039: Six Training Variables To Progress Client Workouts

Using these 6 Training Variables To Progress Client Workouts, will guarantee their GOAL

Many FitPros focus on the tactics of exercises and training systems,

but in doing so they totally forget that EFFECTIVE adaptation comes from manipulation of variables.

These 6 variables are summed up with the alliteration rule 5Rs and 1V, which makes it super easy to remember

In today’s podcast episode Neale and I discuss all 6 training variables and clarify which ones you would focus on changing for specific client goals.

Watch the full video and grab the show notes below:

Episode 039: Six Training Variables To Progress Client Workouts

Grab the FitPro Sessions Podcast show notes:


0:30 Introduction to Episode 039 of the FitPro Sessions Podcast
1:00 How to progress client workouts with training variables
2:20 The Principles will never change LISTEN to podcast 024 HERE
3:20 The 6 Resistance Training Variables via 5Rs and 1V
4:00 Most people change resistance first, and forget about the others
7:05 Changing the rate of each repetition for more time under tension
8:45 Applying training variables intraset to guarantee overload
10:13 How low can you go? Range of Movement as a training variable
12:55 Manipulating Rest between sets and workouts
14:00 Using recovery as a variable to prepare for endurance events
15:00 “If he’s not reaching overload you need to change one of the variables”
18:00 Applying rests as a progression to HIIT workouts
18:30 “Training variables can’t be progressed on every session as adaptation hasn’t been achieved”
19:40 Avoid changing too much too soon
21:20 Progressing client workouts using repetitions but staying in the required rep range for the goal
23:48 Volume of training in Kg lifted, number of sets and number of sessions
26:00 Reach out to us and join us in our Inner circle Facebook Group for more guidance and support
27:00 Learning and understanding training variables that progress client workouts are not easy

The Six Training Variables To Progress Client Workouts

Heres a quick summary of all 6 Variables:

Resistance: Most people increase this as the first progression, try leaving it to last, after you’ve used the other variables

Rate: SLow down the tempo, especially on the eccentric phase. this gives more time under tension and more micro-tears to the actin and myosin.

Range of Motion: This is a powerful variable to use, especially if you have a health-related client or someone rehabilitating from injury

Rest and Recovery: Manipulate time between sets and also the time between sessions.

Repetitions: This is not as straight forward as just adding repetitions every workout, so make sure you stay in the desired rep range

Volume: This is not just about sets per exercise, but also overall sets inside a workout, the volume of weight lifted, and even sessions per week.

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