episode 30 Newly Qualified PT - where the hell do i start;

Episode 030 Newly Qualified PT – where the hell do I start?

You’ve put in all the effort, time and money into becoming a newly qualified PT or FitPro

Revised hard and learned smart

Done some extra study then you needed to, and even overcome more obstacles than you expected along the way

The certificate arrives on your doormat… YOU’REQUALIFIED what now?

Where the hell do I start as a fitpro?

It’s reported that only 20% of all qualified fitpros will actively working in the industry after 18 months

Granted some peeps qualify for their own knowledge, not to actually leave their career. 

But most signed up to the pt course in order to make the career change and shift to working in the fitness industry, and it doesn’t happen.

Today, Neale and I explore where to start as a newly qualified PT or FitPro, and give you a 4 principles to help you kickstart with confidence and stay in the fitness industry for longer…

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0:30 Introduction to Episode 030 of the FitPro Sessions Podcast
1:30 All of your hard work leads to this point
2:20 Only 20% of those qualified will be actively working in the fitness industry after 18 months
4:30 Where the hell do i start?
5:00 4 Principles to help you start as newly qualified PT or fitpro
6:15 Principle 1: Goals and Numbers
12:50 Principle 2: Get a coach or mentor
15:20 Principle 3: Focus on solid foundations to build confidence
23:30 Principle 4: Remember why
27:30 A summary of all 4 principles – apply them all now
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Newly Qualified PT – where the hell do I start?

1. Goals and numbers

It all starts with being clear about what you need and want, and by when. 
This is kinda like driving from one location to another. 

You need to:

  • know how much income you would need to be earning and by when. 
  • project how many hours you will be working as a fitpro and by when
  • be clear on the deadlines you’ll set yourself.
  • Set goals for 1month, 3 month, 12 month and 3 years.

2. Get a coach/mentor

Don’t do it on your own. 

Get a mentor that has done what you wanna do.

Or at the very least a friend/family member that can hold you accountable to the goals and deadlines you set

3. Focus on solid foundations

Most fitpros that bailout of the industry early (or never start) do so because they had low confidence and zero experience.

Start lower on the ladder by getting experience in a gym, or working for another bootcamp owner. 

This is like you earning your apprenticeship 

It’s you learning the ropes and getting paid a secure (even if not very much) wage that will allow you to experiment, make mistakes and learn valid lessons.

4. Remember WHY

Remind yourself why you wanted to qualify in the first place and make it super important to yourself that you achieve the goal. 

The brighter and more passionate the goal, the easier it will be to overcome the obstacles, the lessons and the pits along the way. 

It’s kinda like the lord of the rings. Retrieving the “precious” ring was so important that Frodo went to hell and back for it, and kept pushing forwards.

Follow these FOUR principles to ensure you kickstart on the right foot in your career as a newly qualified pt or fitpro

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