Episode 016 The secret sauce behind planning and delivering circuit training with Bob Hope

Episode 016: The secret sauce behind planning and delivering circuit training with Bob Hope

Welcome to Episode 016 where Neale talks to Bob Hope all about planning and delivering circuit training.

This is an absolute MUST listen if you run circuit sessions or are looking to start a new group training program.

Neale and Bob uncover the secret sauce behind planning and delivering circuit training. They explore what makes an outstanding FitPro and Circuit Training Coach as well as dive deep into how to plan a circuit session.

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Episode 016 The secret sauce behind planning and delivering circuit training with Bob Hope

Grab the FitPro Sessions Podcast show notes:


1:00 Intro to today’s FitPro Session Who Is Bob Hope?
4:00 What was it that made you choose Fitness?
6:00 Improving Sports Players through improving fitness
7:30 “Overtime the circuit training has been taken out of the Fitness Instructor Qualification”
9:30 Neale’s first day in the classroom with Bob teaching
11:50 Training without the use of a gym in the military
13:40 “You learn how to adapt and overcome… to give the clients the best experience”
15:00 “Choice of equipment can cripple your creativity and imagination”
16:00 The benefit of starting your fitness career in a bootcamp/ outdoor circuit
16:30 “This circuit is part of so many weeks workout and planned in advance”
17:30 “A circuit session is not a stand-alone session”
18:00 How to plan a block of circuit sessions based on a goal achievement
19:00 Using the key principles of FITT and the ACSM guidelines
20:50 “Personal Trainers don’t generally value circuit training enough”
21:57 The importance of testing progress even in group training sessions
27:00 “Keep it simple and not worry about equipment”
29:30 How would you deal with new people joining a progressive class programme
31:50 Choosing exercises based on planes of movement and progressions
35:00 “If you haven’t sussed out your timings then your clients will tell you”
36:30 Tips to manage timings in a circuit session
40:45 Advice for someone that is nervous to start their first circuit session
42:46 How to change the perception of a circuit session
45:50 The theme that runs through the circuit sessions
48:00 The importance of a warm up that blends into a main session
51:40 “Leave your ego at the door but take your passion with you”
53:00 “Never be fearful of making a mistake”
57:20 Learner Question: “I’ve started a circuit session but the numbers have dropped”
59:00 Polarising so you attract your ideal client
1:02:00 Leaving the session feeling invigorated rather than obliterated
1:04:00 The Complete Guide To Circuit Training by Bob Hope
1:07:00 The circuit training course is becoming rare and uncommon in the fitness industry
1:10:00 Learning in the Bath: via our Revision Mastery Bootcamp
1:13:00 What three tips would you give to someone starting in fitness
1:15:00 What’s your definition of an Outstanding Coach?

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