Choosing The Right Personal Trainer Course For You

Choosing The Right Personal Trainer Course For You

In today’s blog and video, you’ll get the guidance you want about choosing the right Personal Trainer course for you.

We’re going to explore your individual needs and wants and lay out an easy path to follow. Selecting the right personal trainer course is not just a choice; it’s the critical first step towards sculpting a truly rewarding career as a FITPRO.

This foundational decision sets the tone for your journey, shaping your knowledge, skills, and opportunities in the fitness industry.

Choose wisely, and you’ll embark on a path filled with growth, impact, and personal fulfilment; choose haphazardly, and you risk stalling your progress.

Your certification is more than a piece of paper—it’s your passport to a world of possibilities in fitness, where you can transform lives and achieve your own professional aspirations.

There are many Fitness courses, it’s important you find the right path for you. All of these are great starting points:

  • Level 2 Gym instructor = If you want to become a PT you’ll need this one first
  • Level 2 Exercise To Music = If you want to do a variety of exercise classes, and choreograph your own session this is the one for you.
  • Level 3 Pilates = If you love Pilates and want to be a Pilates teacher
  • Level 3 Yoga = If you love yoga and want to be a Yoga teacher

Notice that there is only one of these that leads to becoming a Personal Trainer.

So, starting with the Level 2 Gym Instructor is your first step.

But which Level 2 Gym and Level 3 Personal Trainer Course is best for you, and how should you study to suit your needs?

Watch the 11-minute video here: Choosing The Right Personal Trainer Course

Choosing The Right Personal Trainer Course For You

There is no one-size-fits-all course that is perfect for everyone; it depends on a few factors:

1. Recognition

This is important! You need to look for a course and qualification that is accredited and recognised. This not only means you’ll be able to get insurance, it also means that you KNOW it covers all of the recommended content at a good standard.

Our fitness qualifications are accredited by Active IQ, which are the leading fitness awarding body. This means they regularly check that we are teaching and assessing our students to the highest standard possible.

The certificate you get will show all of the unit codes that you have completed in your assessments. These unit codes are nationally (and internationally) recognised via Ofqual (the Ofsted for vocational qualifications). This means that it follows a credible curriculum, but also is valuable evidence for your knowledge.

You need to look for a course that has the Ofqual units awarded on the certification.

2. Your Preference and Learning style

We all learn in different ways. Some prefer to read, others prefer to watch videos or listen to audio.

However, there is an overwhelming number of trainee FITPROs that favour kinaesthetic learning. This is where you learn best from physically DOING a task that relates to the learning.

Kinaesthetic learners benefit hugely from in-person, face-to-face learning where they can implement and practice. This is also great for learning fitness-based concepts because you are preparing for a physical vocational role. It is very hard to learn and feel confident about instructing skills when only reading.

Online learning may sound attractive but for level 2 gym and level 3 personal trainer qualifications, there are a lot of physical skills to learn. These are best taught and practised in a gym-based environment.

Plus there are a lot of layers to learning how to instruct, so it’s easier to layer on each skill in small chunks, with plenty of practice in between. This is what we do on our classroom days, so you get loads of practice when instructing each other.

3. Your Time Availability

Time is the biggest factor that limits learners and determines what type of course is right for them. Most trainee FITPROs are looking to change careers. This means that they have a full-time job already, plus a family, plus their own training, and food preparation.

Add to this the learning of a new career and fitness qualification, and time can feel like a squeeze.

So it is important that you find a course that suits your learning needs, gives support and helps you to achieve the qualification you want.

Also, consider when you want to be qualified, and make sure that you choose a course that matches this time frame for you.

4. Your Learning Confidence

If you are new to learning, or it’s been a while since you were last in the classroom, you are likely to have low learning confidence, compared to those that are familiar with studying. If you are low on confidence then you’d benefit from a course that has more guidance and support.

Structured study and clear schedules and course dates will really help you to stay focused. Plus it’s important to have the help and support when you need it. This will boost confidence and keep it high.

A good solution for this is to usually choose a learning structure that includes attendance days whereby you can practice and get immediate answers to your questions.

5. Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Ask yourself what your strengths and weaknesses are. You might include instructing skills, knowledge of exercises, organisation, self-motivation, worries and anxieties, familiarity with studying etc..

Be honest, and be fair. Don’t just list out weak points.

Once you have this list it will really help you in your search for the right course choice for you. You should choose a course that supports your weaker areas and allows you to flourish with your strengths.

6. Look For Reviews and Feedback From Others

A course may look great on the sales page or at first glance, but it is important to hear other people’s opinions and other learner journeys. Look at the reviews for the PT courses you are looking at. Specifically read those reviews that relate to your own barriers, weaknesses or issues.

These reviews will give a great insight to the course and the journey, that goes beyond that of the marketing or sales page. Check out our Trustpilot reviews CLICK HERE

Qualify as a Personal Trainer

This is the fitness industry’s GOLD standard qualification to kick start a career in health and fitness & start training clients 121 and in small groups.

Personal trainers use their expertise on a daily basis to get inside the heads of their clients, design training programs that deliver results, and support life-improving health, fitness, and nutrition changes in their clients’ lives.

Personal training is a results business and quite often, the results people achieve can be remarkable. If you feel that you have what it takes to help people to take control of their health, fitness, and well-being, then maybe it’s time for you to step up and join the ranks.

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Your Personal Trainer Career Change and launch your business

Once you become a fully qualified personal trainer, you have the certificate and all the knowledge you need, but often new fit pros still need help to launch their career successfully, they need guidance on the next move and help setting up their business or freelance career.

That’s why we include the things that we believe are non-negotiable for a PT to know, so they can feel confident when working with a client straight away.

  • 10 days of face-to-face attendance so you can practice instructing and build confidence
  • Fitness Business Kick-Starter, so you know how to get your first few clients
  • Kettlebells CPD course so you adapt to at-home or outside PT sessions easily
  • Squat Assessment Bootcamp so you know how to analyse a client effectively
  • Training Clients Outside so you can build a business outside of a gym with no equipment
  • FIT-Progressions Advanced Training Systems CPD so you can refresh your knowledge for a lifetime
  • Level 2 & Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology Revision Bootcamps to learn and pass the exams confidently and use the knowledge as a FITPRO
  • Level 3 Nutrition Revision Bootcamp so you can pass the exam and help every client with calorie and portion guidance
  • Level 2 & 3 Muscle Memory Sprints to learn all the muscles with ease
  • Next step Career Consultation so you have someone to ask and guide you about your role as a FITPRO
  • 24/7 Student Support so you have someone on hand whenever you are stuck

Get started in your FITPRO career without any misconceptions or hindering beliefs. Find out more about our Level 3 Master Personal Trainer Diploma HERE <<<

Questions about how to become a personal trainer:

It’s great that you have questions, these are the top 4 questions we get asked about becoming a personal trainer

i) what resources do you need? you don’t need any previous qualifications or coaching experience, but you do need to love fitness and be inspired by helping others.

ii) how much will the course cost you? Our Personal Trainer Course is currently £1850, which you can pay outright, or you can enrol immediately with a £100 deposit and spread the remaining course fees (with 0% interest). If this is too much commitment right now, you can even start with just the Level 2 Gym instructor, and then progress to Level 3 later.

iii) how much time do you need? Expect to be graduated within 3 months of starting (dependent on your attendance days). There are 10 attendance days held in Milton Keynes (mostly on weekends and Fridays). In between your attendance days, you will need to do home study which should take no longer than 2-4 hours per week. It is designed to be achievable alongside a busy life and a full-time job.

iv) when is the next course? We run 2-3 PT courses per year in our Milton Keynes Academy, but also a couple of bespoke courses in other venues like Yeovil or Plymouth. To see our next dates and venues check  HERE

v) am I too old to become a Personal Trainer? if you haven’t read THIS BLOG and watched the video, then make sure you do. It will alleviate your fears of becoming a personal trainer and changing your career in your 40s. The video will also help you see how much benefit you will bring to your clients… because you are in your 40s.


Most people see action as a great big leap, but your next action step can actually be really small. Just by reaching out and having a quick chat, you are able to get your questions answered and move closer to the Launch of your Fitness Coaching Career.

So, that is exactly what I am going to offer you – just call me on 07513735700 and I can talk through any questions you have

I’m looking forward to speaking with you soon

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