Anatomy Quiz - How to remember the Heart and Lungs on Exam Day

Anatomy Quiz – How to remember the Heart and Lungs on Exam Day

This blog will teach you how to remember the heart and lungs on exam day, with an Anatomy Quiz and a quick 60-second video tutorial showing you how to brain dump on exam day.

You’ll discover:

  • Why FitPros find the heart and lungs hard to revise and remember
  • A 2-minute Video Tutorial simplifying the heart and lungs into a quick diagram that you can use in your Level 2 A&P exam
  • How many questions you will have in your exam
  • How to learn with simplicity for the rest of the modules
  • Anatomy Quiz: Three Mock Questions about the Heart

Why FitPros find the heart and lungs hard to remember

The Heart and lungs are notoriously claimed to be the hardest modules within the Level 2 Anatomy and Physiology syllabus, so you are not alone if you find this area difficult to understand.

Unlike other areas of anatomy (like muscles), we never get to see our heart move, which makes it feel theoretical. It may also feel like this is less directly related to training clients as a FitPro

Although you might not actually be quoting the blood flow and circulation with your clients, the knowledge of this is foundational and absolutely crucial in order to understand the demand and stress we place on the heart in exercise.

WATCH: 2 mins Anatomy Quiz: How to remember the heart and lungs

Anatomy Quiz - How to remember the Heart and Lungs on Exam Day

What is brain dumping?

The Brain Dump is the first thing you should do when your invigilator says “You may now begin”

Essentially a brain dump is a pre-rehearsed method off-loading revision notes, specifically for when you first get in the exam room.

There is no right or wrong way to do it, but we have been busy refining our methods to something that works… and this is it – it works!

Watch this video for an example of what to include in your brain dump…

The only rule:

There is only one rule, you must practice your brain dump before the exam day.

This way all of your notes become condensed onto one sheet of paper. Practicing allows you to know you have included the best information for you, the key memory hacks, and the main concepts.

How Many Heart Questions in my Anatomy Quiz exam?

The Level 2 Anatomy and Physiology exam usually has 50 questions, and you can expect approximately 10 of these to relate to the heart and or lungs.

Knowing the key facts about the heart is crucial. However, it is also key to have an exam strategy that helps you remember and recall the information.

The brain dump strategy inside the video above will do exactly that. Follow along with the video and practice drawing it for yourself. Then when you get to your exam you can draw this out and refer to it for the questions.

In summary

  • How to remember the heart and lungs on exam day
  • How many questions you will have in your exam relating to this topic
  • How to Brain Dump
  • That you can learn simply and easily with our video tutorials
  • Here’s what Lisa had to say about the A&P Revision Mastery Bootcamp  

Thanks to help from Parallel Coaching I passed my level 2 multi-choice exams with 98% and 94%.

Thank you Hayley for making the learning so much clearer.

Missing the sound of your voice as I listened to the lessons in the car.

Lisa Egan

Anatomy Quiz: Three Heart Mock Questions

Jot down your brain dump of the heart and lungs and then answer these three questions and check your answers below

1. Which chamber of the heart pumps deoxygenated blood?
A. Left Atrium
B. Right Atrium
C. Left Ventricle
D. Right Ventricle

2. What name is given to the blood vessels that bring oxygenated blood from the lungs to the left Atrium?
A. Coronary Artery
B. Vena Cavae
C. Pulmonary Vein
D. Pulmonary Artery

3. Which valve is responsible for preventing backflow between the aorta and the left ventricle?
A. Mitral Valve
B. Aortic Valve
C. Bicuspid
D. Pulmonary Valve


1 = D
2 = C
3 = B

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