Anatomy and Physiology Revision: Questions and Answers

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Whilst everyone else is still chilling in this Crimbo Limbo time… we hung out with some awesome fitpros this morning and dialed right into their Anatomy and Physiology Revision Questions and Answers:

Watch the Anatomy and Physiology Revision video …

You can hop to the specific questions; here are the time breakdowns:

  • # Valsalva effect [6.18]
  • # Spinal postures [11.30]
  • # Joint and Muscle Action [22.28]
  • # Remembering Latin muscle names [28.17]
  • # How to remember origins and insertions [32.28]
  • # Key parts to the Nervous system [38.44]
  • # R.E.B.U.G.G. [ how to read a question] [42.10]
  • # Revision tips and hints to get 100% [45.15]
  • # Break down of the Thoraco Lumbar Fascia [50.31]
  • # Planes of movement [53.30]
  • # Books and resources that will help you revise [59.20]

In the video we mentioned a few other resources …

Extra resources…

101 Mock Questions >>

Revision Mastery Series >>

REBUGG >> How to read a question properly >>

Brain Dump >> How to remember the heart on exam day >>

The 5 Pillars >> The fundamentals of all movements >>

Books that we recommend to help anatomy and physiology revision:

Strength Training Anatomy >>

Anatomy Colouring Book >>

What next?

What I love just as much is how motivated these guys and girls are now following the webinar…

Message after message saying thank you and ‘Oh just one more question….’

It would seem a thirst for learning this Chirstmas is in place.

Imagine if you’d said that to yourself last Christmas? See how far you have come.

So make sure you check out the video above

Oh… and if you thinking.. I’m OK, I’ve competed my Anatomy and Physiology and passed… When did you loose that thirst for learning.

Repetition is the mother of all skill.

The more you learn, well!

Think how much more you can give to your clients, family and friends.

I can’t wait for 2016, I got so many more awesome little short course for you.

All live and online.. so you don’t even need to move of the sofa. How cool is that!

Any how, I tell you more soon when the first one is ready to go.

Until Next Time

Neale ‘Crimbo Limbo Revision’ Bergman

P.S. What’s your favourite moment from the Webinar… Here’s my vote… think Hayley needs to learn how to draw! [Comment Below]




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