WEBINAR: Anatomy and Physiology Revision Mistakes All Trainee Fitpros Need To Avoid!

Anatomy and Physiology Revision Mistakes All Trainee Fitpros Need To Avoid!

This 30 minute Webinar was an absolute blast, so thank you to everyone that joined in live. In this Webinar, you will learn how to avoid the most common mistakes that fitness professionals make when they are doing Anatomy and Physiology Revision.

Aims of the Webinar:

✔️Know What To Expect On L2 & L3 A&P Exam
✔️The Time of Day You Revise Matters!
✔️The Common Mistake
✔️Build a Strategy to Pass Exam With Confidence
✔️Question and Answers

Watch the full Webinar Replay here:

WEBINAR Anatomy & Physiology Revision Mistakes All Trainee Fitpros Need To Avoid

Key Links from the Webinar Replay

  1. Download Mock Questions HERE
  2. Join our Revision Mastery Bootcamp HERE

The TIME Of Day Matters For Your Anatomy and Physiology Revision

Exam day success is a result of a good revision strategy, and that includes the time of day that you are studying. It can be really hard to study late at night after a long day at work, a commute, running around after the kids, doing the housework etc.

Maybe you can relate

You literally sit down to do your Anatomy and Physiology revision and the eyes start to close.

You can barely keep your eyes open, let alone absorb new information.

Leaving revision until the end of the day when you are tired is a common Anatomy and Physiology Revision Mistake, instead, consider the possibility that you can divide your revision into small chunks of time (maybe 3×10 mins) throughout the day whereby you are fresh and able to concentrate.

The #1 Common Anatomy and Physiology Revision Mistake Is Having No Strategy

Without a Revision Strategy or an exam strategy, Trainee Fitness Professionals are making a huge mistake.

  • Revision lacks structure and meaning…
  • Don’t know where to start or how
  • Being a perfectionist
  • Using mock questions to guide revision
  • Letting panic and overwhelm take over
  • Get distracted by the sample answers
  • Misread the question
  • Consequently, we access the wrong information from our brain… and we draw a blank!

Why Use Mock Questions?

Although mock questions are often used incorrectly, they are also a key part of a successful revision and exam strategy.
They show you the Type, Structure, Wording of the questions, so you know what to expect on exam day. They also allow you to practice time frames and Review your current knowledge.

What’s more, you can use this as practice to develop an exam day strategy

… this is what we’ll explore now!

Before you start learning and revising, it is best to find out where your knowledge is right now. For this, we have prepared hundreds of mock questions for you to download. These are mapped to the Active IQ Level 2 and 3 Anatomy and Physiology exam and other awarding bodies, so you know it is a clear reflection of your current ability. We have divided the 101 mock questions into sections so you can clearly see which areas are your stronger and weaker areas of knowledge. DOWNLOAD THE MOCK QUESTIONS HERE 

How to use Mock Questions:

Mock questions and Exam day questions can be complex, confusing and overwhelming. We use the KINGS formula as a method to break down even the most complex exam questions so you can understand the question, take your time and choose the correct answer.
Make sure you watch the video (above) to see the KINGS Formula in action

The KINGS formula stands for:

K = Key word
I  = What do “I” Know about those Key Words
N = Necessity
G = Guess
S = Sample Answers

>> NOTE! First cover up the suggested answers

Avoid the Common Anatomy and Physiology Revision Mistake:

Avoid the common mistake by having a clear revision and Exam strategy.

Our revision Mastery Bootcamp provides you with the structure and the simplicity so you have a clear revision strategy.

You can have perfect knowledge of the subject, however, if your exam strategy is not on-point then you could lose valuable marks on exam day, and potentially even fail the exam. It is crucial to be able to manage your anxiety and emotions on exam day as well as unpicking the complex exam question-wording.

We have created an exclusive bonus called Instant passing Hacks which will teach you exam day strategies like the KINGS formula, and they are only available as part of the Level 2 and 3 Anatomy and Physiology Revision Mastery Bootcamp.

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