What is insulin - Anatomy and Physiology revision

What is Insulin?

What is Insulin and what does it unlock?

The Endocrine system is one part of Anatomy and Physiology that people underestimate, they leave it till last (usually because its at the back of the book); see the reproductive system and assume they know it.

Then, the night before their exam they come across Insulin and Glucagon; the brain starts spinning and it just ends up making no sense.

But its a real KEY one to understand. And it works like a KEY too << excuse the pun

Honestly, you need to know it for your Anatomy and Physiology exam, you need to know it for nutrition, and you definitely need to know it for exercise referral clients and working with Diabetic clients.

Here’s the good news, you need to know it, but it doesn’t have to be hard to understand.

So, What is Insulin?

  • It is a hormone,
  • It is secreted from our Pancreas when our blood sugar levels are high or rising,
  • It operates like a key, unlocking the cells,
  • It allows glucose to go IN to the cells (muscles, liver and fat cells).
  • Without Insulin our blood sugar levels would just keep on rising, causing A LOT of problems and eventually death << a bit morbid, so Ill save the details for another blog.

This video will explain it all in under 5 minutes… time to stop stressing about it and start understanding!

What is Insulin?

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