What is Insulin?

This blog will explain What is Insulin, and outline how it works, helping you prepare for your Level 3 Anatomy Exam, and pass with confidence.

You’ll discover:

  • What is Insulin?
  • How our Endocrine system works to maintain homeostasis
  • 4 Minute Video tutorial explaining Insulin
  • Mock Questions and answers to test your knowledge

Why do you need to know about Insulin as FITPRO?

You need to know it for your Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology exam, where you can expect approx 12% if your exam questions to relate to the Endocrine System.

You also need to know about insulin when giving nutrition advice to clients, and you definitely need to know it for exercise referral clients and working with Diabetic clients.

What is Insulin?

  • It is a hormone,
  • It is secreted from our Pancreas when our blood sugar levels are high or rising,
  • It operates like a key, unlocking the cells,
  • It allows glucose to go IN to the cells (muscles, liver and fat cells).
  • Without Insulin our blood sugar levels would just keep on rising, causing A LOT of problems and eventually death

WATCH 4 min tutorial: What is Insulin?

This video will explain it all in under 5 minutes. It is simplified with easy drawings, so join in by drawing this in your notebook alongside the video.

What is Insulin and what does it unlock?

Test your knowledge with three L3 Anatomy Mock Questions

Look at the Mock Questions below and jot down your answer on scrap paper or as a note on your phone.

Then scroll down to reveal the answers.

Q1. Which hormone reduces blood glucose levels during hyperglycaemia?
A. Insulin
B. Glucagon
C. Glycogen
D. Testosterone

Q2. Which of the following is the Endocrine Gland that secretes insulin?
A. Pituitary Gland
B. Testes
C. Liver
D. Pancreas

Q3. What is Carbohydrate stored in the Liver and Muscles?
A. Glycose
B. Glucose
C. Glucagon
D. Glycogen

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