How to Target The Trapezius

Today’s blog will explore how to target the trapezius muscle in your client workouts. There are also three mock questions to test your knowledge of today’s content. I’ve assessed A LOT of session plans, and the most neglected muscle group has to be the Trapezius. We rarely forget the Biceps, the Lats or the Chest… …

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Kyphosis, Lordosis and Scoliosis - Understanding muscular imbalances

Kyphosis, Lordosis and Scoliosis: Understanding muscular imbalances

This 10-minute video takes you through all 3 of the major muscular imbalances including, Kyphosis, Lordosis and Scoliosis It will also teach you why some muscles get tighter than others and what to do about it. You’ll discover: Why it is important to understand muscular imbalances 10-minute video explaining key muscular imbalances What you need …

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