SMART Goal Setting For FITPROs

Today’s FITPRO Session Podcast episode is all about SMART Goal Setting For FITPROs, and how to use goals as part of your client behaviour change strategy

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why understanding SMART goals is key to client behavioral change
  • The alternative SMART goal setting for FITPROs
  • The importance of having one goal, one focus and one path

Watch S8E6: SMART Goal Setting For FITPROs

SMART Goal Setting For FITPROs


0:00 Welcome to Season 8 Episode 6 of the FITPRO Sessions Podcast: SMART Goal Setting For FITPROs
0:02 Did you know the alternative to SMART
0:04 Goals are not just a process
0:06 The bullseye of a dartboard is just ONE clear and simple goal
0:10 The system is more important than the goal
0:16 A goal is about WHO you become – behaviour change
0:18 Goals should be simple to achieve
0:21 Staying on the path towards the goal
0:26 Subjective and Objective measurements
0:29 What is really achievable for your clients?
0:31 Action is at the centre of the SMART goal
0:36 Realistic achievements are specific to the individual person
0:40 Recording and tracking all data
0:44 Keeping it teachable
0:46 What is your big takeaway from today’s episode?
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