[90min Live Webinar Recording] Pass Your L2 A & P Exam First Time

[90min Live Webinar Recording] Pass Your L2 A & P Exam First Time

If you’re stuck in with your  L2 A & P Exam revision or struggling to understand a confusing manual then today’s webinar recording is for you. This Webinar recording will accelerate your Level 2 A & P Exam knowledge and help you pass your exam first time with confidence.

I explain 8 clear golden nuggets from each section of your A & P exam. I’ll share fun and useful techniques for learning and remembering your revision so you can pass your exam with confidence.

Level 2 A & P Revision: How to pass first time [Live Webinar Recording]

[Note: this is a recording from a LIVE webinar taken 18/2/2016… 1 hour 30 mins to help you pass your L2 A & P Exam First Time!]

4:48 Intro to the webinar
6:51 Do you have a strategy for your Level 2 A & P exam
13:00 Module 1 Heart & Lungs
24:20 Module 2 The Respiratory System
29:50 Module 3 The Skeletal System
34:37 Module 4 Joints and Joint Actions
42:30 Module 5 The Muscular System
53:43 Module 6 Musculoskeletal for special populations
1:03:00 Module 7 The Energy System
1:14:00 Module 8 The Nervous System
1:25:00 Next step to pass your Level 2 A & P Exam

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